Sunday, June 01, 2008

First Day Report

I had a successful first retreat day so far. I remembered to take my First of the Month Photo off my deck. The trees have filled in wonderfully the last month. In one of the trees off the deck we have a momma bird and some baby birds. It's wonderful to listen to them when they start singing. I added links to the previous months on my side bar if you're interested in them.
I spent about five hours sewing this morning and this afternoon and now I have this pile of blocks ready to sew. I made a game of seeing how much machine sewing I could get done before I ran out of bobbin thread or ran out of items ready to sew. I use prewound bobbins and the one in the machine was put in earlier this week. I wasn't ready to stop when the bobbin ran out so I kept sewing. Amazingly I only had to rip out two seams. What did I get done? I got the blocks all sewn together from my fat 8s. I finished the Crazy Nine Patch top. I'm going to call it Explosion because it is so colorful. I also finished the last four Depression blocks.
I spent about an hour laying out the pieces for my Music quilt. I'm not sure this is the final layout. I think I'm going to let it sit overnight and look at it again in the morning.
I've done quite a bit of on-line shopping in the last few days so my mailbox should be busy this week. I have several books, two music books, an Australian magazine and fabric coming to me. The fabric won't even make it into my stash because it's for a siggie swap! Hooray!


Pat said...

Your trees have 'leaf-ed out' beautifully. What a peaceful backyard you have :)

Bren said...

I just caught up on your last few posts. All your fabrics are just wonderful. I am very impressed that you have used all the new stuff except a couple of pieces! That deserves a fabric shop hop!

Aileen said...

I love the fabric for the music quilt. I need to get prewound bobbins, I went through 5 bobbins this weekend, plus the different colored one I had to fill for the yellow bag.

Bingo~Bonnie said...

oh wow, you have been so productive in teh sewwing room lately! I like all of your quilts you have going especially your football depression! that pattern is on my "one of these years to do list" ;)

oh - and your cutting table that your music quilt is spread out on - oh girl, I am so JEALOUS!!! What a great workspace you have!

Love from Texas! ~bonnie