Monday, June 02, 2008

Day Two Progress

Last night I got my ironing done so I could sew this morning. First here's a photo of Color Explosion baby quilt. Isn't it bright and cheerful? I think any baby will love it.
Next up is my Football Depression quilt. I host a football season nickel swap and this quilt is made with one background fabric and my "winnings" from the 2006 NFL season. It's called Football Depression because I'm always depressed with the lack of sports on TV between the Super Bowl and the start of the baseball season. I have enough New England Patriots fabric for the backing. I plan to get it done in time for this year's season. That gives me about 8 weeks to get it done.
The final quilt top I got together this morning is my Music Quilt. I'm undecided if it will be a table topper or a wall hanging. I've got time to think about it.
I made an executive level household decision this morning. For now I'm going to call myself a housewife. I have been on medical leave for seven weeks and it will be a few more weeks until I go back to work. I'm looking to create some structure to my days as they are beginning to run together. It's even harder to know what day it is when DH is traveling. This morning, this new housewife cleaned the bedroom after breakfast and before sewing. I cleaned the tops of the dressers, spot cleaned and vacuumed the carpet, hung up clean clothes and filled the laundry hamper, and washed the bedding. It felt good to do a little bit of housework. Tomorrow will be bathroom cleaning day.

Tonight I'm going to watch the Red Sox game while playing with the layout of my Fat 8s projects. Then I think I'll take a bubble bath. In our old house the hot water heater wasn't set high enough to enjoy a bath. In this house the water is perfect for a bubble bath. I bought myself Calgon bubble bath yesterday so I can enjoy a luxurious bubble bath. Do you like bubble baths? What's your favorite bubble bath product?


Mavie_q said...

I love the baby quilt it came together so good!!!! your depression quilt looks nice and snuggly!! for u and hubby durning football season!!
and musical one is pretty would make a nice wall hanging i think!! mavie

Greenmare said...

they are all just fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Candace said...

Great quilts, I love the baby quilt, the depression quilt looks like a great curl up and enjoy the game quilt, and I'm partial to tabletoppers, but I don't have much wall space left. I used to use Calgon, but haven't taken baths for quite awhile, just showers. Hope you enjoy your bubble bath, and your weeks off. Sometimes it's nice to be a housewife.

Nic said...

The Depression quilt is my favourite, happy scrappy quilts are great. Hmmm, depression and happy in one sentence, describing the same thing?
Winter can be very depressing here in Melbourne too, when people go mad for Aussie Rules.

Pam said...

LOVE your new header! whoo hoo!!

Housewife...hmmmmm...interesting. Yes, after a few weeks I would think a routine would be an excellent idea.

Praying for you my friend!


Sandra said...

Madam Housewife you've done a lovely job on your quilts - I had to look three times at the music quilt as I made one for my son's band several years ago, and used 2 of the same fabrics in mine, that you've used in yours! I had to shop in the States and on ebay to get music fabric - about 6 months after my quilt was finished, my local fabric store started carrying an entire line of music fabric - go figure, LOL.

I like food scented bubblebath - vanilla, fruit, coconut etc. :)

Linda said...

Love your depression quilt, I think scrap quilts are so interesting to look at. Not a sports fan so I can't relate
Being a housewife can be very rewarding if you have a routine.
Love bubble baths, I use bath and body works products.

Anonymous said...

I have never taken a large amount of time off, and I can only imagine I would need some major scheduling to be able to handle it.

I love bubble baths, but with two small girls rarely have the time. That is one of my favorite things to do when I am traveling for business. I love being able to use a hotel bath without interruption or feeling guilty because I should really be doing something else.