Sunday, July 24, 2011

Random Thoughts on Tuesday

It's a cool, cloudy day here in NH. The heat wave we had last week has left the building and should be gone until the weekend. It's 30 degrees cooler today than it was last week and my brain is full of random thoughts.

Random Thought #1
Do you have foods from your childhood that you can't find so easily now? For me, it's Tuna Salad made with Creamette Macaroni Rings. It's the rings that make the salad so yummy. It clumps great on the spoon and always reminds of summertime in Minnesota. In the winter I crave Malt-O-Meal, preferably chocolate, served hot with a dollop of marshmallow fluff on top. I have been known to come home from visiting family in Minnesota with one or both foods tucked in my suitcase or carry on bag.

Random Thought #2
Are both of your feet the same size? I always assumed mine were. That is until I started wearing footlets this summer. It seems my left foot is a smudge larger than my right foot. No matter which footlet I put on my left foot it always slides down.

Random Thought #3
Do you do laundry every day or once a week? I do mine every Tuesday. Why Tuesday? That was the day my grandma and grandpa did laundry using one of these:
I loved to go over to her house (which was across the street from me) on Tuesday mornings and watch them do laundry. When I was working Monday through Friday laundry day was generally Sunday. Now that Mr. E is here on Tuesdays we do laundry together.

Random Thought #4
If you do your laundry all in one day, do you do the loads in a certain order? Here is the order I do mine: bedding, towels, underwear and socks, lights, darks and then all the pants.

Random Thought #5
When you are sewing or knitting or creating are you a process person or a project person? I define a project person as one who makes one, maybe two projects at a time. They won't start another project until one is done. A process person is someone who loves to plan, shop for and then make the project. They may have several projects going at once. For them, it's all about the creative process.

As for me, I'm a process creator. I love to plan out a project. I often rewrite a pattern and doodle it out before I start cutting the fabric or prepping the canvas. I truly love sitting and working on a project. I often feel "let down" when I finish a project. Perhaps that's why I have so many WIPs.

Do you have any Random Thoughts for today?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Basement Remodel - July Update

Lots of progress was made on the space while we were on vacation. It's amazing to me how adding a few walls and drywall makes rooms look bigger than you thought they were.

The back wall is looking lovely. The drop ceiling is installed. The wiring for the projector is in place and the corner built in is looking fine.
The TV wall and closet are making progress. We won't have to buy a screen for the projector. Rob's master carpenter can make the wall look and act like a screen. That will be cool.
The fridge and counter top space are closed in. Now we need to find a fridge. We already have a sink.
Now, onto my favorite part of the remodel: my storage room. All of the cabinetry is custom built for me. I have one full wall of storage. These are part of the upper cabinets and open cubbies. There is one more cabinet to the right.
The lower part of the storage wall with a cabinet to the right that holds a sliding trash can.
Our "winter" closet for storing winter coats, boots, suitcases, etc.
And, one more cubby unit for holding stuff.
Other than a couple more coats of mudding and moving one light fixture, my storage room is done. Now I can begin unpacking the remaining boxes and deciding what will stay, what will be donated and what will be hit the dumpster. I will also be able to paint everything in there. I have some cool plans for the space so be sure to check back for updates.

Sweet P

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Basement Remodel - May Progress

In May the studs were put in place to define the two rooms. Here is a tour of the media room.

This is the back door along with the studs for a drop ceiling. We had to put in a lower ceiling here because our condo contains all the piping for the entire building. Rob will make this accessible in case of any emergencies and we need to get to the pipes.
Before we could move in we had to have a radon gas exhaust system put in. Rob is covering it with a built in cabinet and shelf. Plans are to put a TV on top of the built in or perhaps poker trophies.
This will be the back wall of the room. Nothing exciting here at the moment.
Rob is building us a custom, movable bar that will sit in front of the dividing wall. In the cubby on the left we will have a fridge, sink and small counter top space.
Under the stairs will become a closet and room for a folding poker table that Rob is also going to custom build for us.
This will be the TV wall. Plans are to have a projector with the picture being shown on this wall. Yes, we will have two TVs in the room. The room will be wired for three TVs. After all it is really a man cave in disguise. Also on this wall will be a built in on the left side and a custom built toy box for Mr. E.
Tomorrow . . . the current state of the space.

Sweet P

Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Fun With Mr. E

This is how we keep cool on a hot summer afternoon

Isn't it fun to be a little boy?

Basement Remodel - The Before Photos

When we bought our condo three years we had plans in place to finish off the basement into a media room. Well, I got sick and was out of work for three months and the plans were scrapped. Then hubby started playing in a weekly poker league and made friends with a self employed contractor and a self employed electrician. There was a lot of talk between them about our unfinished basement and our desire to have it become a functional space.

Earlier this year a deal was struck between them and our basement is in the process of becoming a media room and a storage/utility room. Since I haven't blogged about this before, over the next three days I will take on a tour of the room over the last few months. There is still quite a bit of work to be done, but it's starting to take shape down there.

This was the view looking from the back door into the room. That is not my washer and dryer. They belonged to my son and DIL. The contractor "bought" them as part of the deal.
Here was the view looking into the space from the stairs in the front of the room. The media room will be taking up most of this space.
This was the view into the laundry/utility room space.
And here is Rob, our contractor, showing off the first stud he put up on April 23. Actually I think the smile on hubby that day was even bigger!
Check back tomorrow for the next set of photos.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sweet P

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Knock, Knock . . . anyone out there?

When I started my blog in April 2006 ago all I did was quilting. I built my Google Blog reading list around quilting blogs. Now, five years later, I crochet, I embroider, I sew, I have a super fantastic grandson and I haven't made a quilt in a long time. I still read a lot of quilting blogs, but my blog list also includes blogs about homemaking, cooking, knitting (and other yarn arts) and home decorating (especially decorating for children).

I've become more of a lurker and less of a commenter. So, I'm curious, will you still visit here if I don't make quilts? If I talk more about yarn and Mr E and other topics, like food and basement remodels and studio reorganizing?

Hubby and I took our summer vacation from June 30 - July 12. Would you like to see some of what we did?

We flew to another part of the country for vacation.
Here was the view that greeted us from the plane:
The next morning we went sight seeing up close. In case you're wondering, I'm showing off my Sunflower Yarns shawl I brought with me to work on.
About an hour later we had this view of the city from Twin Peaks
We were up early the next morning and saw the fog rolling in across the bay
We rode through the mountains, and found snow!
After a day of doing nothing but relaxing we drove around Lake Tahoe.
Here is the view from Emerald Bay
And the view of the lake from a vista above Incline Village
Cave Rock . . . notice how the road was carved through the rock
We had a wonderful weekend in San Francisco and came home to find a Digimedal in our living room
It was a wonderful vacation. Have you gone on vacation yet this year? What did you do?

Sweet P