Thursday, June 05, 2008

Mail and Shopping Goodies

Yesterday was errand and shopping day. After I did the "necessary" errands I got to go to Ikea. DH took the train back from NYC and there is a train stop 15 minutes from Ikea! Hooray! Ikea is a 1.5 hour drive on a good day so I don't get there often.

I am desk shopping and was hoping to find one at Ikea. I found this one. When the page comes up click on the Table top menu and choose the glass/floral patterned black. Isn't it coolest looking desk top? I'm trying hard to convince DH I need it, not that I just want it.

I did find a few goodies at Ikea. For the kitchen I found oven mitts for 99 cents, salad tongs for $2 and a hand grater for $1. I came across a wood frame that was being displayed with a piece of fabric stapled to it. I'm going to design a small quilt to put on it. These polka dot cans were only $2. I have no clue what I'll store in them. I just know they are going into my studio.
I found these nylon hanging closet shelves for $7. I put my meager stash of large fabric pieces and backings in it. Much better than all the pant hangers I had the fabric on before.
Before I left for Ikea yesterday my Australian Country Threads magazine arrived. I love this issue of Country Threads. The only downfall is I have to wait for Stonehouse Publications in Canada to get it before I can order it. That means I usually wait until the magazine has been out for a month before I can get it. This issue has so many projects I love I can't decide where to start. I need to browse through it again so I can decide which one I start first.
Today all of my books from Amazon arrived. I ordered five items and they were shipped in three shipments. Two boxes came via UPS and one box came via the US Postal Service. Here are four of the books I bought (the other book is a gift and I can't show it). The Red Sox book is for DH. He is having a Guys Weekend at his friend's house this weekend and I thought they would have fun with the questions in the book while playing poker and watching baseball and basketball. The Bach and Hanon books are piano books. I took piano lessons for about 12 years when I was growing up. I want to get back to playing again. I do have a keyboard and I'll use that for now to practice. Another item on the wish list is a piano. Not sure where we would put it still trying to figure that out. The last book is Beading on Fabric. I haven't even opened this one yet so you'll have to wait for a review.
I'm waiting for DH to get home from work so I can make dinner and relax with my new books, watch the Red Sox beat up on Tampa and then watch the Celtics beat LA. Should be a good evening since I spent today working on a project for my job. I was nice and said I would help out. Tomorrow I can get back into my studio. Hooray!


Libby said...

Ahhh - a classic matchup Lakers vs. Celtics. I well remember the battles back in the 80's. Good to see the old rivalry return. The players may be different - but the desired result never changes. Go Lakers *s*

Anonymous said...

I love the polka dot fun fun.

If it will help tell DH that I think you need that table top too!

I have an ever growing list for Ikea shopping, but it is a 5+hr drive for us...


Amanda Jean said...

I have those hanger thingies (the narrower ones) from IKEA for all the shoes in my house and they work so wonderfully! I would think fabric storage is an even more perfect use. :)

Candace said...

That's a coincidence, I went to Ikea yesterday, too. Just my second time, ours is about 45 minutes away. I also got some good bargains, and I love your desktop. I love their metal trash cans with the lids, I have a medium one in my kitchen, and I just know that I need some of the small ones, too. I just don't know why. They are on my list for next time.

Jeanne said...

I've never been to an IKEA store! Have fun tonight with the Sox and Celtics and hope you come out a winner in both.

Kim said...

and beat up on Tampa they did. I heard there was some good fights. Manny needs to get a grip thought fighting with Youk
Nice haul at Ikea. There's one about 10 miles from me I don't hit often enough. Plus a container store and trader joes are side by side. ( well kinda)

Patti said...

I also took 12 years of piano. Boy does that Hanon book look familiar! I went through that entire book, then a Czerny exercise book, then another Czerny, then the second volume of Hanon. I still have my piano. Now that I'm retired I should have it tuned again and start playing!