Sunday, June 15, 2008

Contest Day #5

I'm up to post #299, one more to go and I'll be at #300. I want to thank everyone who has been showing their unique containers. It has been fun to see what others use to our tools and toys. Here's the latest bloggers to show their containers:
I still have one more post: #300 and one last storage item to show. I will probably write the post tomorrow. I will continue to collect entries through Tuesday night, June 17th. I will have DH do the drawing on Wednesday, June 18th.

Here is my next storage container. DH is in the lodging industry and frequently attends industry conferences. He always comes with tote bags filled with promotional gadgets and gizmos from various companies. When he gets home it's like a mini Christmas for me to dig through the stuff to see what he got. Often there's a small tin that's useful for storing small notions or a cool gadget that's excites me. But this container ranks as the #1 coolest item ever in my book. A hotel management company used this case to promote a new hotel they were opening. Notice the strap and key holes on the locks (yup, it does lock). The case is 13 inches x 10 inches and is 5.5 inches deep. It is sturdy and solid. The inside of the box had lots of padding and included nothing more than a photo book of the hotel. Pretty impressive marketing tool if you ask me.
So what do I keep inside? Right now it is holding several goodies I received from Australian quilters at Christmas time. There's fabric, buttons, sticheries, tote bag pattern, and candles. I'm trying to decide if I will use it for carrying a project with me when we go on vacation. I wonder if the case would make it through security?!?
I'm trying to get all my swap and challenge projects done before we go on vacation. I started working on my pincushion last night for Linda's Pincushion swap. I should have it finished this weekend. I'm still working on my June bag for BQL. My Summer Solstice package has been mailed. I have my postage stamps cut and ready to send in to the Swap Mom. My Cyber Stitching Package arrived from Mrs. Martin and I can't wait to work on the projects next weekend. The other two swaps/challenges I've signed up for aren't due until August but I may get them done before vacation.

Today is a big sports day in our house: Red Sox at 1 PM, Tiger Woods tees off at 4:30 PM, followed by the Celtics/Lakers game at 9 PM. I plan on doing some handwork all afternoon and evening while watching all these sports! It's cool and rainy here in NH. DH was supposed to go golfing today, but they were rained out. At some point I'll be making bacon-wrapped filets and corn on the cob for dinner.

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there. Remember to hug your dad today!


Finn said...

Hi Sweet Pea, what a fun contest! I just read about it over at Pat's.
I was headed this way anyway to see what you've been up to lately.
Love the container you showed today...what fun, and a great way to recycle it.
I'll have to look around with my camera and see what I can come up with for a post tomorrow.
Go Sox! Go Tiger!Hugs, Finn

Darlene said...

Hey Paula - Thimbles and Joy here - we've added some pictures to Darlene's blog of some of her storage containers. I hope you don't mind that we're playing along! :-)

Fiesta said...

Hi sweet pea. I added two containers to my listing since your last blog.
I like the suitcase. It is full of stuff you would see at a quilt shop.

Kim said...

cool case - makes today's mason jar on my blog look lame -lol
Did you see Trot Nixon signed for the Mets??? Didn't do well today though :P

Why when Tiger does good he jerks is leg up and pumps his fist and when he misses a hole he limps away ???? Inquiring minds want to know

Anonymous said...

I read about your drawing so I've posted photos on my blog with a link to yours. :)

Mar said...

I've also post pic of my containers, what a great idea. Love seeing everyones style and congrats on #300!

the red boot quilt co. said...

hi! vanessa sent me over to have a look at your blog. my hubby brings home all sorts of containers etc. from work too - i just love it!!! i've posted a piccy on my blog of some of my containers. congrats on 300! i think i have three *roflol*

Teresa said...

Hi..and I am just now seeing your contest, and want to jump in. I will post two items on my site and what fun to see what everyone else uses! I just sent you an email saying I could not get the comment to work - but then when I came back to your site, presto - there the word verification was!!

Paula said...

Fun containers! I think my favorite of yours are those Ikea jars so far. I love them sitting on the windowsill like that.
Congrats on almost getting to 300. Wow!

Scrappy Cat said...

I probably posted on the wrong day! So I'll post a second time - hope that's ok - I'm really not trying to get 2 entries in! LOL!!

sewnut said...

Here it is agaon Paula,
this was a sales bin for hardware and we cleaned it up for fabric storage.
This is my small scraps storage, not pretty but free and it has been easy to use for over 10 years,

scraphappy said...

I have a scrap booking tote and a tiny tin that I use for my Dear Jane blocks. The photo sleeves are just the right size for those tiny blocks.