Sunday, June 22, 2008

Cyber Stitching Saturday

My Cyber Stitching Saturday didn't turn out as well as I had planned. First I slept in later than usual. Then I spent a couple hours cooking in the kitchen. I made blueberry breakfast bread, tuna salad and put a turkey breast in the crockpot. I knew DH was planning a trip to the big box hardware store with our handyman (HM) to pick up the items he needed to do projects for us while we are on the vacation. However, I didn't expect him to wait until noon to start planning the list when they were supposed to meet at one, nor did I expect him to think I was included in the trip.

I shouldn't complain too much though. When we got back to the house, the HM and I finalized the plans for my new pantry. After about an hour of discussion and drawing plans he realized he would have enough wood leftover to make something else out of it! My first thought - shelving for my studio! So now I get to design custom shelving for my studio. Hooray! Do you know how much fun it is to have a piece of wood that is 30 inches by 48 inches and you can decide how you want your shelves? It's like taking a piece of fabric and deciding how to cut it. Certainly appeals to my creative side!

Anyway, by the time DH, HM and I were done; lunch was eaten and I had picked up my meds at the store it was 3:30. I tried to take a short nap with no luck. At 4:30 I finally sat down to stitch. I managed to finish one of the 12 stitcheries last night. As soon as finish this post I'm going to start another while DH is still sleeping. He wants to paint the bathroom today as one of the tasks for the HM will be to install a cabinet, towel bars and toilet paper holder. I know I won't get a whole day if stitching in, but I'm going to stitch as much as possible.
Leanne at Leanne's House is having a giveaway of a beautiful sewing tin. She asked us about our sewing tins. I didn't show this tin in my recent contest so I can show it now. This tin is about 6 inches wide and 2.5 inches tall. At one time it did hold chocolate and it was yummy. I use it to hold items for my current stitchery project. It sits on the small bookcase next to the couch.
This is what it looks like when it's opened. I keep the threads for the project I'm working on, my needlecase, my Ricky Tims pincushion, scissors, thread heaven and needle threader in it. My 4 inch hoop fits in there as well.
It's time to start stitching. I would love to get at least one more stitchery done today, but hoping to get more than that done.


Nancy said...

A new shelf, a pretty tin and great stitchery...what a fun day.
I don't envy you painting a bathroom. That is the hardest room to paint with so much trim and such a small space, no matter how big the room.
Have a great day!!

lyn said...

Hello Sweet P,some days the hours just fly by, when you heart really desires to sit and sew.Thanks for the note of Leanne's giveaway. I was lucky today, after finishing my chores I was able to work on my Dear Jane quilt. Warmest Regards Lyn

Juliann in WA said...

Love your stitchery. These would make good take along items for vacation - hint hint!

Candace said...

Your stitchery is really nice, and I love that you get to have your new shelves as a bonus. My brother is into woodwork, and if it wasn't so like sewing (takes up space and money and time) I would almost be tempted to give it a try, too.

Anonymous said...

New shelving would be worth missing most of a sewing day I think. I have a chocolate tin I use in my sewing area also. I told DH the other day I needed another tin for my sewing area so I needed more chocolates. I just got the look. You know the I'm onto you look.

Libby said...

Custom shelves . . . a dream - a distant dream, but still a dream *s*

julieQ said...

Very pretty stitchery! Sounds like your townhouse is shaping up nicely. Isn't it fun to at last sit down with some hand work??

Leanne said...

Very cute stitchery looking forward to see the rest.