Thursday, June 12, 2008

Contest Day #3

More bloggers have joined the contest! Yesterday's entries include: Brenda at Pumpkin Patch Primitives who uses a candle jar from her sister; Betsy at Quilting Fiesta shared another Vera Bradley box she uses, Pat at Bell Creek Quilts has two entries, one with a cigar box and one with a cookie tin; Nancy at With Thread in Hand has already posted her day #3 container - an adorable lime green lunch box! I'm jealous of these wonderful containers. Keep them coming!

Here is my third entry in unique storage containers. I bought these jars on one of Ikea excursions. I paid one dollar for each of them. The two jars on the right hold buttons. The jar on far left has some bookmarks in it. The jar next to it holds my binding clips. Don't the trees look gorgeous outside my studio window? I think so.

I hope to spend more time in the studio today. I'm falling behind on some projects I need to get done before we go on vacation at the end of the month!


Lurline's Place said...

Hi Sweet P,
You wouldn't believe this - a world apart and Ikea sells the same little jars! I bought four and have used only one to carry my decaf coffee when I go out visiting.
Best wishes - Lurline/Australia.
PS - I'm too scared to use your given name in case you prefer uour DH's endearing nickname!

Pumpkin Patch Primitives said...

Sweet P, I posted today's entry on my blog! I too have some cute glass jars. I love that you can see what's inside. I love glass jars on a windowsill, they catch light and "make" you look at the world outside.

Nancy said...

I sure wish we had an Ikea in the midwest... I have some 5 gallon jars that I found at an auction and I keep buttons in one, ribbon in one and souveniers from my McCalls Quilting Cruise in the other.

Fiesta said...

I think those jars are too cute. I just posted my 3rd container. It is not a pretty one but very functional and saves the earth.

Cheryl said...

Hi Sweet P,
My second unique storage container has just been added....and I've found so many new delightful blogs in doing this,

Kim said...

give me a minute and I'll post mine

Leah S said...

I have to smile at your Ikea jars - I use the exact stuff for my spices! :)

Kim West said...

Sweet P - I posted quite a few containers on my blog today... enjoy.

Scrappy Cat said...

I just found your little contest and posted my entry here: