Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Day Off with Grampa

This past Monday Grampa had the day off and he spent it with me and Mr. E.  Mr. E was excited when Grampa hopped into the car to join us on the way to therapy.

After therapy we went to the indoor playground.
It was a busy place on the holiday.
 After play time it was off to Friendly's for lunch.
Mr. E needed Grampa's help deciding what to have for lunch
After a busy morning it was nap time.
Mr. E decided to nap in his tent.
 He's in there - somewhere!
At the end of the day, he and daddy spent time playing on their I-pads.

This week it's mommy's turn to spend Monday with us.

Sweet P

Thursday, February 21, 2013

List #6 - Things I Do Every Day

 List #6 - Things I Do Every Day
  1. Brew a fresh pot of coffee
  2. Read Facebook, check in on Ravelry and read Blogs
  3. Hug my hubby
  4. Smile, a lot
  5. Be happy
  6. Sing
  7. Create
  8. Think about exercising more

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Sweet P

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

List #5 - Favorite Snacks

 List #5 - Favorite Snacks
  1. Cinnamon Almonds
  2. Banana
  3. Fruit chews
  4. Chocolate of almot any kind
  5. Corn chips with black bean and corn salsa
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Sweet P

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

List #4 - Favorite Smells

I'm catching up on 52 Lists this week.

Here's list #4 - Favorite Smells
  1. Coffee brewing
  2. Lavender
  3. Cookie butter spread on warm toast
  4. Fresh cut grass
  5. Rain
  6. Hubby when he gets out of the shower
  7. Onions sauteing on the stove
  8. Simmering chili
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Sweet P

Monday, February 18, 2013

List #3 - Childhood Shows

List #3 -  Favorite Childhood Shows

I wasn't much of a TV watcher growing up.  I spent more time playing outside than inside.  This is a short list.
  1. Brady Bunch
  2. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  3. Batman
  4. Lawrence Welk (loved the music)
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Sweet P

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mid-February Update

I wish I could get back on a regular blogging schedule.  I have many excuses for not writing posts these days:
  • Working too many hours.  When I started writing this blog I was working 50 hours a week.  That's more than I'm working now.  Bad excuse!
  • Sharing my life on Facebook.  This has merit.  It's easier and faster to write two or three sentences, post a photo and call it "good".  Plus more people read my Facebook ramblings than my blog.
  •  My adorable Mr. E keeps me busy.
  • The biggest reason of all: My free time is devoted to creating, whether it's crocheting, needlepointing, paper crafting, cooking.
What motivates you to keep blogging?

Anyway, we survived the blizzard last weekend.  The storm gave me four days off, three of them housebound with my hubby.  Here's a brief photo trip through the storm.

My car - 10:30 am Friday morning
 Same car - 10:30 am Saturday morning
Looking to the right of my car
 Hubby starting to dig out the car
I spent a lot of time creating during the storm.
I cut out hearts for Mr. E
(stupid photo won't stay turned)
 I put together a Snow Day mini album
(another photo that won't turn)
And I crocheted 18 mini baubles

We enjoyed the time hibernating.  It was the first time in years we got to enjoy snow days together!

What have you been doing lately?

Sweet P