Thursday, December 27, 2012

SSCS Goodies

There is one Christmas swap I have been in since it started: ChookyBlue's SSCS. I got wonderful gifts from my partner, Shez at Shez Enjoying Life.
Here is the gorgeous ornament she sent me.  It found a home on my tree right away.
She made me a cute wall hanging and included Christmas buttons
and a piece of Christmas fabric.

My SSCS partner was Pamela at Simply Chic.
I crocheted her a snowflake using hand dyed yarn.
I made her a journal for her gift.

The journal was a lot of fun to make.  I will be making more of them this coming year.

Thanks, Chookyblue for another great SSCS swap.

Christmas Catch-Up

We had a wonderful Christmas holiday!  My son and his fiance came up from Brooklyn to spend Christmas with us.  Mr. E, mommy and daddy spent a lot of time here. The celebration was fantastic!  I didn't take many photos as I was enjoying the moments rather than snapping away.

For the first time in several years we have a full-size tree.  Of course, I had no tree skirt.  Therefore, I made one.  There are seven snowmen on the skirt, one for each person in our family.
One of our family traditions is to have a new pair of pajamas to wear on Christmas Eve.
Mr. E understood Santa Claus this year for the first time.  We set out a plate of cookies and milk for Santa.  Mr. E is taste testing one of the cookies before he went home for the night.
After he went home, it was time to put the presents under the tree.
Christmas morning was tons of fun.  Mr. E was excited Santa left him a note thanking him for the cookies.  Opening presents was exciting.  Mr. E's line of the morning was, "I help you open it!"  Followed by lots of oohs and aahs.  The rest of the morning was spent putting together this for Mr. E.
He loves marble mazes.  Let me tell you, this one is not coming down anytime soon!

Today we are getting hit by a Nor'Easter, lots of snow and sleet and ice.  It's gorgeous, but dangerous out there.  I'm hoping I don't have to go into work later today.

Sweet P