Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mrs. Martin's Cyber Stitching and Day 2 of Contest

Here is another unique storage item I use for my quilting hobby. This tote bag began it's life as the first redwork stitchery I made in January 2007. The tote bag was made two months later on a whim. I collect coffee-themed fabric and I thought this would be a great way to showcase some of the fabric.

I use this bag for carrying stitchery projects with me. I keep one or two projects in there all the time so when I'm going somewhere all I need to do is grab the bag and go. It is a little too flimsy for me and I'm thinking of making another one that is stiffer. For now, this does the trick.

Two people have signed up for the Unique Container contest so far. Betsy at Quilting Fiesta shared her Very Bradley box for storing blocks.

Nancy at With Thread in Hand was disappointed because her computer died and she thought she couldn't join the contest. I told her if she could tell me about her container I would include her. I'm not that strict with the rules. Here is her email:

Yippee.......I have a little metal lunch box with Curious George that I use for my embroidery thread, scissors and such...; Right now I have all my thread for the Noah's Ark in it...; It is so cute!; It looks like a small picnic basket.... I will take a photo of it now and when I get my hard drive in the mail and get going I will post the photo....

Today is day #2 of the contest and this is post #296. You still have plenty of time to join in before I get to post 300. See the details of the contest below.

Mrs. Martin has mailed the Cyber Stitching kits early. Two people signed up with me to join us in the US Cyber Stitching Day that I don't have emails for: Mariequilts and mjjones. Can you contact me so we can set up our Cyber Stitching date?

The weather is much cooler here today. That's great because I'm ready to spend some time in my studio.


Nancy said...

Hey, I couldn't stand it.I stole DH computer and I posted my photo for yesterday and today.

dot said...

This is an interesting contest. I just use things and don't think of them being unusual. I have posted one today on my blog.

Pat said...

I posted one of my containers today! What a fun time...seeing the different containers quilters use :)

Fiesta said...

I posted another container I use in my sewing room. It is a Vera Bradley watch box and I use it for my quilting tools.

Nic said...

I decided on the last day for sign up to do the cyber-stitching too. Can't wait to pick up my parcel.
I have a pretty little box that used to hold paper and envelopes for letter writing holding my Butterfly Garden strips now. Shall take a pic and put it on my blog for u to see.

Pumpkin Patch Primitives said...

OK, I'm in...take a look at my container...stay tuned, I'll post another one tomorrow. =)

Vanessa said...

Hi Sweet P, thanks for visiting my blog - I'm so glad cos now I found yours! Hmmm, I'll have to poke around my sewing room and see what I can find to enter your competition.

doni said...

Hey Sweetpea! My unique container is our new condo. DH is worried I'm going to fill it to the top with quilting stuff! He may be right!

I made a tote and heard a great idea for stiffening - plastic canvas. It makes it washable too!

Your coffee tote is yummy!

doni now @ Oregon Coast