Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Fifty - Catching Up With Projects

Recently two remnants caught my eye at the store. A bright, deep pink corduroy and a black embroidered linen. From those remnants, plus a cool print from my stash, I made two Pick-A-Pocket totes.

This one went to my Color Swap partner, Angie.
This one I'm keeping for me.
The tote is quick to make and I like the finished project. I'll be using mine as a project bag.

What are you up to this weekend? As always, I'm working. My weekend will be Monday and Tuesday.

Sweet P

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Toddler Tuesday

Scenes from the Easter Egg Hunt . . .

I'm ready . . .
Look, I found one . . .
Are there any more?

Sweet P

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Catching Up - Yes, I'm Still Alive!!

Knock, knock . . . is anyone out there? Does anyone still check my blog??

I didn't mean to stay away so long. The last several weeks have been unbelievably busy between work and family obligations and I've barely had time to sit down and write here.

I can also blame my absence on my I-Pad and my somewhat broken laptop. My laptop has become a desktop computer. The screen has stopped working so I have to keep it hooked up to a monitor so I can use it. That's where my I-Pad has taken over my Internet life. With Flipboard I can quickly scan blogs, but it's more difficult to write blog entries.

So, what has been happened here in Coffee Time Stitches land?

Well, earlier this month, Mr. E turned two. We had his birthday party here (actually it was more of a birthday weekend). Here he is with his birthday cupcake:
Mommy and I made fishy cupcakes instead of a cake for his birthday party.
For his family birthday dinner I made him a doggie, woof, woof, cake.
And just to show you little ones are capable of using an I-Pad, here is playing on mine. He loves the ABC and counting games I have downloaded for him.

I participated in the Easter Basket Swap hosted Paula and Alli. I crocheted an Easter Basket for my partner, Jen at Lipstick and Laundry.
This is what she sent me: Starburst jelly beans, a collection of butterfly and angel items, a cute bunny, Alaskan coffee and travel mug and a gorgeous wind chime. Thank you, Jen!
I'm hoping to get back on track with posting. This break was not planned and I missed blogging terribly. Stay tuned for more news from Coffee Time Stitches land.

Sweet P