Saturday, May 31, 2008

Not Much Sewing Today

I sewed for an hour today and then decided to move some furniture around in my studio. Why, you ask? Because DH hinted last night we could buy a TV for my studio. And that’s what we did this afternoon. We bought a 32 inch LG television. It’s bigger than I would have chosen, but we will be using it during football season so we can watch more than one game in the living room.

I’ve lost some of the workspace on my smaller cutting table. I’m OK with that for now. I may still do some rearranging of the furniture as I don't have room for the ironing board at the moment.
I’m so happy I can watch TV while sewing now. I won't have to miss any Red Sox or Patriots games!

On a quilty note - I reviewed my fabric purchases for this year and I'm pleased to report that other than two yards of polka dot I have used all of the fabric I bought this year. I'm not on an official no-buy program, but with the move and being on medical leave I haven't had the desire to shop. Who knows I may use up all fabric this year, Yeah, right!


Candace said...

Yeah, Manny.
Just had to say it, he can relax a little now and have a little less pressure.
Your new TV looks great. I have a table top about that size (2x4), and am going to try to make an ironing top for it. One layer bat and a cover, and I'm hoping I can just lay my rotary cutting board on top when needed. We'll see.

Libby said...

How wonderful to have the tv in your sewing room. I have always kept my sewing table in the living area of the house for just that reason - it keeps you good company while you are stitchin' away *s*

Sandra said...

You're going to love having a tv in your studio - I like having mine playing in the background while I'm working away - I don't want to miss any Stargate episodes, lol. We hooked up a DVD player as well, so I'm good to go for hours on end!