Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Contest and a Question

This is my 295th post! An occasion for a contest for post #300! And, here it is:

Show Me Your Unique Container or Storage Item

Here are the rules:
  1. On each post between now and post #300 I will post a photo of a unique container or storage item I use in my studio.
  2. If you want to enter the drawing, post a photo of a unique container or storage item you use in your sewing space. In your post please put a link back to my blog.
  3. Leave me a comment telling me you posted a photo of your container.
  4. You may enter once for every post I write between now and #300.
  5. I will have my DH draw three winners two days after post #300. Each winner will receive a unique container filled with some quilt goodies.
Here is my first container. You may remember I bought this octagon box when DH and I were shopping in Portland, ME. It was sold as a box for paper coffee filters. I may be a coffee drinker, but I use a gold coffee filter and not paper.
The box has been designated the Postage Stamp Charm box. I've decided to collect 1.5 inch squares for a postage stamp quilt. This box works perfectly for storing the charms.

Now for my question of the day. I finished hand piecing this Christmas table topper last night. This is my oldest UFO, started in December 2004. I don't know if it needs another border. I'm thinking a red TOT Christmas print might make a good border. What do you think? Should I leave it as it is or add a border?
Don't forget to show me your container! I'm off to run errands today. Without AC in the whole house and one more day of 95 degrees I thought running in and out of AC would be a good idea today.


Candace said...

I vote for another border, and I am looking around my sewing room.

Suzan said...

I say "yes" to another border. When I get home, I will photograph one of my "odd" containers in the studio.

Libby said...

Congrats on the milestone post *s* I could go either way on an additional border . . . whatever mood strikes your fancy most, I guess.

Nancy said...

I vote for two borders. small narrow dark and then the red tone on tone. The first could be navy. Sorry I can't join the give-away. My PC died last night and although I can take a photo, my DH PC doesn't have the photo software loaded.BOO HOO....

floribunda said...

yes, I think another border would be good -- I like Nancy's suggestion for two of them!

Fiesta said...

I just posted a picture of my container.
As for the border I like it as it is.

Cheryl said...

I'm with nancy, double border with the first one narrow - like using a double mat for your framed photos. I love your challenge and have just posted my first storage container photos...looking forward to seeing more!

doni said...

Border! What a cutie!

doni @Oregon Coast

anne bebbington said...

I'd say a red TOT border would be an inspired finish to that Christmas confection :o)