Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

We were up at 6 am this morning. We turned on the TV and settled in to watch the Red Sox first game of the baseball season. A little over three hours later the Red Sox won the first game of the young season! Hooray!!

Speaking of baseball, if you signed up for the Spring Training Swap, are you working on your package? I've been working on mine and having fun collecting the items for my swap partner.

Not much else going on here. We're supposed to get more rain and snow tonight. Someday spring will be here. I just know it.

This weekend will be a quilt retreat for me. DH leaves for Puerto Rico before sunrise on Saturday morning so I will be home alone. So far on the work list I have:
  1. My Spring Training Swap goodies
  2. Finish Don't Touch Me - I'm in the UFO Challenge on Stashbusters and I'm a Lady in Waiting. I better finish a quilt soon.
  3. Stitching - I haven't done any hand work since we moved in and I feel the need to spend some time stitching.
What are your plans for this weekend?


Jackie said...

We watched the game too! It felt sooo good to see them playing again! Can't wait for more!

Yvonne said...

My plans for the weekend? Hmm. How about...quilting? LOL I have a quilt I need to finish quilting. I snuck in making a few bags this week, for the three year olds in my Sunday School class. I was inspired by what happened after our class was over on Sunday, the 8 little people..trying to carry the pictures they'd colored, as well as a small bag of Easter candy, all with their tiny hands and dropping most of it along the way. Of course they probably won't remember to bring their bags every week, but it was fun to make them anyway. NOW that is done, I'm back to "real life" and quilting! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I have a fun quilty weekend planned. On Saturday afternoon, I'm visiting a longarmer friend I met on the LongArm email list who lives just 10 minutes from me, then DH and I are off to the big city to have dinner with friends at a Brazilian steakhouse - Yum! On Sunday, I plan to work on finishing the two baby quilts I have going (and the babies are almost here!) and getting the quilt on the frame finished and off to get the next on on! Happy quilting! Denise in PA

Greenmare said...

you must really like baseball! I have to admit, when I went to a game I did enjoy it, but I believe part of that may have been the beer and hot dogs? ;-)

Mary said...

Weekend plans? We'll *camping* at the townhouse and cleaning it from top to bottom. I don't expect to get any sewing done.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Pleased you got a win, love the look of those books, am a sucker for a bag/purse and those look cute, tracey

Finn said...

Hi Sweet Pea, just popping in to say hello. *VBS* Don't get over as often as I'd like, you know how that goes.
COngrats on the winning of the first game..go SOX!
About the what kind of quilt post...I've recently figured out I'm not as wonky and artistic as some, nor as Prim as others. Like you, I like working on a variety of things, almost always scrappy tho, because co-ordinating things is to simple and boring. Why work with 4 if you can use 40 or 400? I think I'd say "I make Farmhouse Type quilts" mostly. Colorful, comfortable, unpretentious, comfort type quilts. The ones it's ok to use *VBS* Works for me. Hugs, Finn
P.S. the new books looks wonderful!

Libby said...

Enjoy your retreat . . . I'll be having an in-home retreat, myself, next week. Gotta plan *s*

Kay said...

Busy weekend here on the farm. Continue to watch the last 2 preggie mamas in the lot for labor signs.
Errands in the city on SaturDAY.
Outback Steak House w/ BFF Sat. EVENING. YUM!
40th anniversary dinner on Sunday for my aunt and uncle. I'm bringing the ham.
Today (Friday), home and fighting (STILL) some sinus crud, so will be kind to me and sew. Want to get out my Singer 99 and get to know her. She's been waiting for almost a year, patiently.

DebMc said...

Don't let that win go to your head. LOL! The Soxs will be traveling to Texas where they will be demolished. Sigh....I can hope can't I?

My garden is calling me and the quilting has slowed down because of it. I need to finish the lap quilt I'm working on.

I'll be finishing up my swap box and attending ds's baseball tournament this weekend.