Friday, March 28, 2008

Great Deals to Start a Weekend

This weekend I will be home alone as DH is headed to Puerto Rico for a business trip. I promised myself that after work I would do some last minute shopping for my Spring Training Swap goodies and then go to grocery store. I also decided I would pick up my studio, take the laundry downstairs and make sure the kitchen was clean so that I could walk right into the studio and start playing tomorrow.

Well, I did the shopping - a sporting goods store, Barnes & Noble and the grocery store. At B&N I picked up the latest issue of Quilter's Home and Moving On by Sarah Ban Breathnach. I also found some cool magnetic coffee cup bookmarks. The Moving On book was a bargain book - a $24.95 book for only $5.98. I figured that once I got home and did my cleaning I could climb into bed and browse my new book.

Little did I know that waiting for me on the doorstep was my order from B&N. While watching baseball the other morning I got an e-mail from B&N advertising a 2-for-1 special on their bargain books. Well, I couldn't pass it up. So I spent an inning or two browsing the books. What did I get? Would you believe I got no quilt books? There were no good ones on sale. I bought: The Rosary by Garry Wills, Walk Away the Pounds by Leslie Sansone, World War II the People's Story by Reader's Digest, The Physics of Football by Timothy Gay and Julie & Julia by Julie Powell (this is a CD). The face value of all of these is $130.78 - I paid a mere $28.92 for all of them. How cool is that????

So here I am sitting on my bed, watching HGTV and surrounded by so many new books trying to decide which one to pick up first. DH is out playing poker tonight so I'm even home alone now. I think I'm going to bed early. It's been a long and exhausting week in the office and I'm a tired and cranky. I think I need a good night's sleep so I can play all day tomorrow.

Good night for now!


DebMc said...

ooohhh....books. I *love* books. Sounds like you made quite a haul for the dollars spent. I wish for you many hours of delightful reading.

Anonymous said...

I loved Julie & Julia - think I've read it 3 times already! Reading is my second passion after quilting. Have a great quilty weekend! Denise in PA

Becky said...

Have fun sewing!

paula, the quilter said...

I have a DVD by Leslie Sansone and I love it (when I remember to use it). Shopping deals are so good espcially when books are involved.

Mary said...

I really enjoyed reading Julie and Julia when it first came out. My son was in culinary school at the time and I found it very interesting and funny too.

Kay said...

I have the Julie & Julia book. It's being made into a movie as we "speak". Have you read the blog that was written as she cooked?

Email me for the link if you want it (or google it)