Saturday, March 01, 2008

Spring Training Swap

Anyone want to do a Spring Training Swap? Here’s the deal:

You will be assigned a swap partner. You will have until April 1, 2008 to gather the items for the swap package and send it to your partner. There will be 9 items to represent the 9 players on a baseball team. The items you choose to send to your partner will represent her answers to the questions.

Questions to answer:
1. The Pitcher - What is your favorite sport?
2. The Catcher - Who is your favorite athlete?
3. First Baseman - What is color is sewing room/space?
4. Second Baseman - Do you have a favorite quilt designer?
5. Third Baseman – Where do you like to take your vacation?
6. Shortstop – What time of day do you sew the most?
7. Left Fielder – What is your favorite morning beverage?
8. Center Fielder – Who is your favorite sports team?
9. Right Fielder – What is your favorite quilting tool?

If you want to participate send me an email with your answers, your mailing address and whether or not you’d be willing to send internationally.

I will take signups until March 12, 2008 and send out partners the next day.

PS - I'm so excited! DH had to go on a business trip and tomorrow I can do whatever I want to do. I do have to color my hair, but after that I plan on spending the day playing with fabrics and threads.

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Pam said...

WOW those questions are food for thought! I'll be watching to see how this "plays" out.

Are you enjoying your new sewingroom? I am loving MCM makeover...makes me smile just to walk in the door!!!