Saturday, March 29, 2008

Finished My To Do List

I said earlier this week I had three goals to meet this weekend. I'm happy to report I met them today. That means tomorrow I can do whatever I want to do in my studio.

My first project was this Apple Tote bag. This is a pattern I used at Christmastime to make a few gifts. I got off to a slow start because I didn't read the directions correctly. I folded and sewed the straps before I put them on the bag. Oops. Lucky for me I still have some unfinished tote bag kits I cut in December so I was able to still make the bag.
Next on my list was to finish Don't Touch Me. This baby quilt is going in my "grandchild" hope chest. It was made from the leftover piano key strips I used in my Birthday Garden quilt. I call it Don't Touch Me because when I was laying out the blocks I tried hard not to get the same blocks next to each other. Even though it's a baby quilt I'm taking it to bed with me tonight.
The last item on my list was to do some hand stitching. The other projects took me all morning so after lunch and a nap I went back into my studio and cut some muslin and traced my first Dear Jane block. I didn't give much thought to what block to do. I just opened the book and picked one on the page - Widow's Pane, block L-1. I used hand-dyed, variegated purple thread. In the photo the light purple looks white, but in person it looks much better. I spent a wonderful three hours in a sun-filled living room watching The Perfect Storm and then a show about the creation of the earth while stitching. It was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon.
So tomorrow I can do whatever I want. Right now I'm not sure what I'll do. I guess I'll just have to wait and see what my Creative Muse tells me do.

I hope you had a great Saturday. I'm off to cuddle with Don't Touch Me and read some of my new books.


DebMc said...

What a darling tote bag! I'm a total tote bag junkie. Our Saturday was spent at ds's baseball tournament (his team took third! Better than they expected!) The only thing better than MLB is high school ball. lol

You've been a busy quilter. Come post of your completed goals on my Ta-Da Fridays posts sometime.

Enjoy the whispers from your creative muse.

Greenmare said...

What a great productive day! I love your don't touch me! I'd cuddle under it too. And the apple tote is WONDERFUL!

Paula said...

I love the colors in your "Don't Touch Me" quilt. So bright. What a fun name for it!

Libby said...

Grandmother's Hope Chest . . . what a great idea *s* (just don't tell The Princess *s*)

Quilting Journey said...

So, Miss Sweet P, when you went to bed with "Don't Touch Me', did you have a headache too? Just kidding!! Oh, and don't ask for a cure to Peri-Menopause because the cure is the "real thing" and it's not necessarily a "good thing!!!" Hope the grumpys took a vacation, the new quilt is keeping you snuggly!