Saturday, March 20, 2010

Springy Saturday

I think Mr. E was resting up for spring yesterday afternoon. I picked him and mommy up from day care and brought them home. On the way home Mr. E fell asleep in his car seat. He was so sound asleep that he didn't wake up when I brought him into the house. Even Grampa Boo couldn't wake him up! BTW, he's in jammies because it was Jammie Day at school.
Today I got off work real early and got to spend a couple hours with Mr. E. The weather is gorgeous here today (70 degrees, blue sky, light wind) so I introduced him to the dirt pile that is currently our front yard. He loved it!
This afternoon I could no longer resist using by gift certificate from Spinning Yarns. I came home with these lovely hanks of yarn. I have no definite idea of what I'll make with them. For now, I'm just enjoying the colors.
I'm doing well on my 10 On Tuesday list. I've done 7 of the 10 items listed. I haven't cut any fabrics for future projects and haven't started my overnight bag. Maybe tomorrow or Monday I'll get a chance to work on those.

I hope you're enjoying the first day of spring and/or national quilting day! If you crochet, did you know March is National Crochet Month? I didn't know that until earlier today and I'm glad to report I've been crocheting up a storm this month so I was participating and didn't even know it.

Be sure to check back tomorrow or Monday as I have some exciting news to report!

Sweet P


Pat said...

What a wonderful way to spend a spring day~any day really!

Rhonda in OK said...

I will have to tell my mom, the queen of crochet,that this is National Crochet month.
I have no doubt that she has been crocheting all month anyway.

Bev C said...

Your Spring day sounds just perfect. Love the wool you bought. Happy crocheting.