Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Post #500: Giveaway #5 - Family Fun

Here I am: Post 500 and two days away from my 4th blogiversary. Today's theme is Family Fun.

If you've been reading my blog for the last year you're sure to know the newest love of our lives: Mr. E. I can't remember what our life was like before he was born. It's hard to believe he has grown from this little boy:
Into this giggling, happy little boy.
I have the pleasure of babysitting him every Tuesday. We always have lots of fun together. Today I introduced him to the plastics drawer in the kitchen. He had lots of fun taking the bowls out and dragging them around the floor.
I hope the rain clears up soon so we can spend more time playing outdoors. He likes playing in the grass and dirt.

Aren't children and grandchildren the greatest?

Now for the final giveaway - Family Fun

This package will start with items to spend a fun day with your favorite little ones: a box of crayons, a pad of drawing paper, a box of modeling clay and a bottle of billions of bubbles. The package will be completed depending on if you want a boy package or a girl package or a little bit of both.
To enter this drawing leave a comment on this blog and tell me one of your favorite activities to do with the child(ren) in your life. Also, tell me if you want a boy, girl or a mixed package. If this is the first drawing you've entered, please tell me how you follow my blog.

The drawing is open until March 31, 2010. I will draw the winner on April 1, 2010. You may enter each drawing, but I will only accept one entry per person per drawing.

For information on Giveaway #4 go here. For Giveaway #3 go here. For Giveaway #2 go here. For Giveaway #1 go here.

I hope you've enjoyed signing up for my 500 Posts - 4 Year Blogiversary Giveaways. I'm still checking out all the entries and the new to me blogs. So, if I haven't stopped by to say hello, I will be by soon.

It's been raining and raining and raining here in New England. I don't even know how many inches we've received this month, but I'm sure it's a record. If I don't surface for a few days, send out an ark to find me, OK?

Sweet P


Nancy said...

I have had my youngest granddaughter since Sunday and she goes home tomorrow. I can't say that I am sad she is going...I am TIRED!!

I would have to pick a bit of each as I have both boy and girl grandbabies...

Elizabeth said...

My daughter is 3 now and is really getting into expressing herself through her art. We try to do a "project" each day. Most of the time that ends up being coloring time. But she is really interested in my sewing machine, so I've started doing a sewing project with her too.

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Oh boy Paula, this prize would be such a hit in our house! Crafts are a very favorite activity with my son Sean (7) and daughter Grace (5). Mixed would be great if I am lucky enough to win!

It is official - This has been the rainiest March on record here in NE! And the second rainiest month after August of 1954 or something like that! Whew! Be sure to stop by Leominster to pick me up as you sail by in the ark!


Fiesta said...

Paula great giveaway. I do not have little ones so I will pass on this one but I did want to comment.

Lurline said...

Oh, Paula - it is so lovely to know someone else so smitten with grandchildren - good on you! My greatesy joy is 'listening' - it thrills me to know I am someone they can talk to!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog. It has been a treat to watch Mr. E grow through your blog. I have two girls and they are way into craftiness. I love bubbles and bubble accessories. I say it's for the girls, but everyone knows I love them just as much as they do.

aussiequilter said...

congratulations on your 500 posts!What an achievement! I have 6 grandchildren and they are the light of my life-5 boys and 1 girl.When I have them over we love to cook and also they love playing with "grandmas toys"(my craft supplies)enjoy your anniversary cheers Teri

Henria O. said...

My girls and I love playtime outdoors, long walks, singing, reading and coloring! Thanks for celebrating with your blog readers!
sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com

Cathi said...

What a fun giveaway. My 4 year old granddaughter, Joey, comes over several times a week (she lives next door). I have a little table & chairs set up in the living room with colors, paper, glue, workbooks, etc. We play "Grammy's School". Her favorite thing to do is cut pictures out & glue them on another piece of paper.

Teresa said...

Oh yes...Grannyhood is wonderful. I have grandsons and granddaughters and fortunately they all live within a couple miles of my home, so I see them often. Mr. E is so adorable, gotta love that smile!

country mouse said...

I have two little ones, a son (9) and a daughter (6) who are both very creative. Both like to draw, color, and play with clay (they want to make pin toppers with me when I am working with clay myself). DD also like to sew with mom, while brother is drawing his newest "concept car". What a great giveaway package. You are so kind to do such a great giveaway for you blogaversary! Hope the rain stops for you soon and you have many sunny days ahead!!

pixie13 said...

My little girl loves making "crafts". Anything you can glue, color, or mold is tops on her fun list.
Looks like you have a very happy little grandson. They're so wonderful when they are little like that & just learning how the world works.