Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Upcycle versus Recycle

I live in a crafty world (I suppose you already knew that).  I hate throwing away stuff.  I recycle.  Yet, sometimes, I feel guilty recycling.  And, thanks to working with many crafty people and discovering Pinterest, I'm bombarded with ideas for re-using items that would normally be sent on their merry way.

In choosing today's word - Upcycling - I wondered what the difference is between upcycling and recycling.  A quick Google search led me to Hubpages and this good article by Jamie Brock on the difference.  In essence, upcycling is using something that would normally be thrown away or recycled and using it for a better purpose.  Recycling is breaking down a product and making a new product out of it, like making recycled paper products.

I'm happy to report I have upcycled a few items for my crafting.  Many of our products come in PDQs, cardboard boxes for displaying products.  Last Christmas I took home a few of those boxes thinking they would come in handy for storing items.  I've been cleaning and saving glass food jars for some time as well.  This morning, those items came together to make my work area cleaner and more organized.

In a larger box I filled glass jars with my various writing and coloring tools.  There was enough space on one side to fit my journals and a few pieces of scrap papers.
A smaller box holds cutting tools, and embellishments and an upcycled leather gift box that holds specialty scissors and glues.
This is my organized work space.  What is cool about using these boxes is I can move them to my craft storage room when I'm not playing with papers.
Have you upcycled anything lately?

Sweet P

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Cova said...

what a great use for those boxes and what an amazingly tidy work space... I wish mine looked like that! :)