Thursday, April 04, 2013


With a very soon-to-be four-year-old grandson it should be no surprise Disney is my "D" word.  Ethan loves Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Little Einsteins, Jake and the Neverland Pirates and even Princess Sophia.

His birthday party next weekend will be a Disney Junior/Cars themed party.  Nearly all of the presents we are giving him are Disney-themed.

And, of course, he will be taking his fist trip to "Mickey's Castle" (that's his name for Disney World) this summer.  We will be staying on property for a full week with lots of visits to the parks and swimming and mini golfing and fun.

Here is my Windy Night work from yesterday.  I used neon crayons for the background and markers for the swooshes.  The hint of yellow and flowers in the corner are signs of spring trying to pop into the sky.

I hope you had a wonderful day!

Sweet P


Chris said...

I'm a Disney fan too and I'm a lot older than 4. It must be lovely to have a little one in your life. I'm sure he will be over the moon with his Disney themed presents. Birthday wishes from me.

Anne Heidi said...

Mr. E sure has great taste! As an ex cast member I still LOVE Disney, and I am sure you'll have a wonderful time there this summer :-)

Tara Tyler said...

disney is my fave place ever! grew up with it & we keep going ev other year (wrote a few posts on it too)
where are you staying?
you will have a magical time!

and your picture is sweet!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post, who doesn't like Mickey? I mean really. Loved your drawing, so creative.