Friday, August 05, 2011

Amazing Color - 3 Squares Added

I'm loving this project. I may not put it down until I finish it! I've stitched three more squares since Tuesday. So far I have used seven of the 27 colors. I love the color combos so far!
Now I must it down for a few minutes while I tidy up the house. Hotel Man comes home tonight and I want the place to look presentable.

Do you have plans for the weekend? I have a girl's night scheduled for tomorrow night. We are going to see Wizard of Oz at a local park. I do work and my "weekend" isn't until Monday. Then I plan on doing a deep clean of the house.

The mudding and skimming is almost done in the basement. It will be time for a few more update photos next week. Stay tuned!

Sweet P


Rhonda said...

Hi there. You are really coming along with your project.
I am scheduled to sew but something tells me that company is close at hand.... ;-]

carol fun said...

Oh this looks like fun! Years ago I did a lot of needlepoint and I'm trying hard not to get led astray but these beautiful counted canvas projects but it is hard. Have a great weekend!

Linda_J said...

This is gorgeous, Paula along with the piece you showed in the previous post. WOW! Makes me want to do some needlepoint again just looking at the yummy yarns you are using.

Milly said...

That looks amazing!