Monday, November 13, 2006

Retreat Report

Victoria, Tasha and I had a great quilt retreat weekend. We sewed a lot, we talked a lot and ate chili, homemade cookies, Chinese food, and some munchies. All in all it was a lot of fun.

I finally finished the binding on my BIL’s quilt. Only there is one problem. The red fabric bled onto the rest of the quilt. What is the name of the cleaner I need to buy to see if I can get rid of the spots? I can’t give the quilt to my BIL the way it looks.

While showing Victoria how I plan my quilts in Excel we decided to make a bar topper for DH. When I was cleaning off the table yesterday I noticed that the part of the table where DH mixes his drinks was sticky. I thought it would be cool to make a little bar topper he could use to keep the table clean. I pulled out some Red Sox fabric, some Patriots fabric and some poker fabric and we designed the topper. Victoria did most of the cutting and trimming and I did the sewing. I was able to finish the topper tonight and it is sitting on the bar for DH to find when he gets home on Tuesday.

I also made quite a bit of progress on my Birthday Quilt. I have four of the seven rows sewn together. The rest of the rows are each done, I just need to attach them. I will have to make my piano key borders longer, but I knew I would have to do that.

Tasha had a very productive weekend too. She tied the quilt she made for her newest nephew. She finished a top for a quilt for Isaac’s big brother, Peter. And then, the backing she was making for Peter’s quilt turned way too big, made makes a great quilt all on it’s own. She started with a variegated green and yellow check fabric and a variegated red check fabric. Victoria gave her some black to use as sashing. She cut the check fabric into 14 inch squares and the black was cut into 5 inch strips. We jokingly called it a Tic Tac Toe quilt. Late this afternoon when Tasha was almost done with the back and we realized it was too big to be the backing we had planned on, I told her I loved it that way it was and she should keep it like it is. She agreed.

Between mine and Tasha’s quilts I now have two quilts ready for binding, one quilt waiting to be tied and I need batting for another six quilts.

Here’s another question . . . When you piece batt together is there a guideline for how many pieces you can safely use? I imagine you don’t want to use lots of little pieces. But I’m wondering is using three or four pieces for a baby sized quilt is OK? Does it make a difference if you tie a quilt versus quilting a quilt?

Well it's time to hit the shower and go to work. Monday mornings are always tough, aren't they?


Cynthia said...

sounds like you all had a productive weekend. I like the quilt you made for your BIL.

I have joined some batting pieces to make the right size for a quilt and i would think that 3 or 4 pieces would be okay. Personally i would quilt it rather than tie it.

Pam's Creative Mind said...

Laughter! That is what keeps us going isn't it, to laugh with our friends. Looks like the 3 of you got alot done. I really like your bday quilt and the piano keys will add a nice finish.

You are looking for "color catchers" to help you with that bleeding top.

If you are going to tie a quilt you might not want to piece your batting, if you are quilting it that is different.

Libby said...

Looks like you accomplished quite a lot on your retreat weekend. I have joined 3 pieces of batting -- but I machine quilted it. I just felt like it would help hold the whole affair together better. Don't know if it's true, but it made me feel better *s*

Angie said...

You guys got tons done!! All of your quilts (and DH's topper *s*) are great, but I absolutely love the bright squares with black sashing/borders. :) Great job!

Nancy said...

Sounds like you had a very good weekend. :-) Those are all nice quilts you have there but I really love the birthday one. It's so bright and happy looking.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried Synthrapol to get rid of the red? I use it all the time as part of fabric dyeing.

You sure did get alot done over the weekend.

Patti said...

Wash the red quilt in Syntrapol - that sould take out the red bleeding. Color catches work well to prevent bleeding, but I dont' think they will help if bleeding has already happened.

I piece batting together all the time. But then I quilt my quilts very heavily. I stitch it together with tiny hand stitches. I know some people zigzag it together on the machine and that should work also. You don't want to tie a pieced batting, however, as there would be very little to prevent stress on that batting seam.

Anonymous said...

I see people have already come to the rescue! Synthropol and/or color catchers.

May Britt said...

Hope you will be able to rescue your top because it is beautiful. I love the red colours. I have used color catcher with great luck.

Morah said...

Wow did you guys accomplish alot! Sounds like a blast.

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