Friday, November 24, 2006

The Day After . . .

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving yesterday. We did. There were only five of us here. DH and I, my two sons and DIL. We ate a full turkey dinner, watched football and napped. I got the binding sewn on my queen quilt and nearly half done with the hand work.

I got to talk to my family in Minnesota. Mom took dad out of the nursing home for the afternoon, but the visit didn't go to well. Dad is very much in his own world and refuses to speak with anyone. Mom is becoming depressed over Dad's behavior and we're not sure how to help her. I also learned the my nephew is being sent to Iraq in January. He will be training security personnel there. Not a very safe job, but I don't how many safe jobs there are in Iraq right now.

I've been debating about whether or not I should go to Joanne's this morning. They had a Rowenta Acti Press iron and sewing machine luggage I wanted to buy. Full price on those two items was $170, but each item was on sale for $35 and there was a coupon for an additional 20% off. For $56 I could have purchased both items for less than the cost of one of them. Yesterday Joanne's sent out an email that advertised daily specials. One of them for today was the iron I want for the same price and free shipping. I decided I didn't need the luggage. So this morning I ordered the iron. I'm glad I did it this morning, they are sold out now.

I also got a present for DS #2 and DIL. They don't have a dining table and we've been trying to find a small set for them. This time Sears came through. They have a bistro height square table with 4 backless stools for $125 and no shipping. Boy, do I like internet shopping.

One benefit of DS #3 visiting is that he's been using my laptop so I've had time to do other activities - like read some quilt books. I did that last night after I my eyes got tired of sewing. I forgot I had purchased Gwen Marston's Fabric Picture Books. I became very inspired to make picture books for nieces and nephews for Christmas. This morning I dug through my scrap cabinet and found a few charms I could use for a book. I worked on it all morning. I'm not thrilled the outcome, but it was a good practice piece. Here's a few pictures of my efforts.

DH took DS and I out for lunch and while we were eating I decided I would go to the LQS to find some summer/child prints to make more books. My stash is lacking in the novelty department. I found some great prints, purchased a half yard of each one, plus a half yard to use for the cover and back page. I have enough fabric to make a few books and a tote bag or two. The fabric won't stay in my stash for long.

Tomorrow will be a laundry and Christmas decorating day. Then we are taking DS #3 birthday and Christmas shopping at a music store and then to the in-laws for a short visit. Sunday is the local Christmas parade which happens to go right by our front window. We've invited the nieces and nephews and BIL's and SIL's to come over and watch the festivities from our second floor "sky box." Should be a fun afternoon.


Libby said...

I like the option of on-line shopping -- no crowded stores and parking lots. Added bonus of a fun package arriving in the mail.

Anonymous said...

glad to hear you had a lovely Thanksgiving. Those picture books look great. What a great idea.

Katie said...

Your books look great. From your previous post question - I don't follow patterns exactly either. But I like mystery quilts. Well I liked the first one I did but I have one that a UFO that I just couldn't finish as instructed. I have an idea of what to do with it now. What I hate is my MI quilt shop likes to have kit classes. Everyone makes the same quilt. I just can't do that.

Susan said...

You Thanksgiving sounds like the perfect day. Does your dad have Alzheimer's? If so, there's a book called the 36 Hour Day that might be helpful. It got us through the years with my MIL.

Glad you found some online shopping bargains and stayed out of the crowds. I heard they were really awful - from friends foolish enough to be there before dawn cracked.

I love the picture book idea! I think I will make some quilt blocks like that for the AmHero children. Thanks!

Enjoy the Christmas parade!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

You are too naughty! Just when I think I am catching up on UFO's, you go and read a good book about children's fabric books...then post pictures... and now I have to make one!
Thanks Tracey

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Great fabric books - we are often our own worst critics - I find that kids just adore things that are made especially for them - glaring faults and all - they just don't see them! Got to love that!!! Afterall, it isn't for a judged quilt show, it is for a child to love. Good job!