Thursday, November 02, 2006

Looking For Opinions

I started trimming my HSTs last night. I sat in bed using my breakfast tray as a small table and trimmed away while watching Jericho. I only got 40 of them trimmed.

Here's my question: I laid out the 25-patch block and the strips around it. I'm using green for the purple in the pattern and the purple for the lavendar in the pattern. I thought about using another color for the green patches in the middle, but not sure what color would be good. Anyone have any thoughts? Should I stick with the green, perhaps another solid color, or maybe even a novelty fabric that works well cut that small? Wow, now that I said it, I'm thinking I should check out my novelty FQs and see what I have. But I think I'll wait until I hear from you.

UPDATE: I woke up this morning thinking about this block. I looked through my novelty collection and found this heart and flower print. It looks OK, but I'm not sure it will work. Opinions?

Now that's it's November I need to review my October goals. I only had three: finish by Dad's Chiclet's quilt - DONE. Machine quilt my Autumn Table runner - I got one line of quilting sewn. Finish Contrary Quarters Gone Awry - I'm two-thirds of way around on hand sewing down the binding. Not too bad, especially when I take into account I got carried away on my Birthday Quilt. I'm pleased with my progress.

Now for November:
1. Finish Contrary Quarters Gone Awry
2. Machine Quilt Autumn Table Runner
3. Work on Birthday Quilt
4. Work on Hour-A-Day Gratitude quilt
5. Work on Chalkboard Mats

I have a stay at home weekend treat next weekend. A quilting friend is coming up for the day so I hope I don't get too distracted. This weekend I won't get much done as DH and I have a dinner date on Saturday night and on Sunday we have tickets to the New England Patriots vs. Indianapolis Colts. Woohoo! The rest of the month I should have plenty of time to quilt.


DubiQuilts said...

If not a novelty, how about a small pattern with green and purple?

Dianne said...

I like the idea of a small novelty pattern...whatcha got?

Hedgehog said...

I like the green you have now. Cheer for the Pats for me, will you? Have fun!

Cynthia said...

i like the novelty print to add more color to the quilt. That's just my opinion. I'll be interested to see what you decide.

Anonymous said...

Based on the fabric shown, I would use more purple... (Maybe a purple/green print)

Gail said...

I like putting in a print to add some color, but if it also incorporated some of the green and purple, it would be perfect.

Nancy said...

A purple/green print maybe?

Dianne said...

Well, I vote for the novelty fabric...really seems to liven up the design, I think.

deputyswife said...

I like your idea of sitting in bed and cutting! I will have to get my tray out and try that sometime!