Monday, October 16, 2006

Vertigo, Machine Quilting and Ready for Winter

I didn't get a cold, but I was sick yesterday and today. Yesterday I was calmly working on one of my piano borders when all of the sudden the room started to spin. I'm not talking dizzy, I'm talking vertigo. Out of nowhere, with no warning. I screamed for Bruce. I grabbed hold of my sewing table and started to panic. I've never had vertigo before and I didn't know what to do. I was afraid to move. The vertigo lasted about 30 seconds and went away, but I was on edge and somewhat disoriented the rest of the day. I still didn't feel right this morning so I stayed home from the office and worked from home.

I was able to get 4 piano border strips done yesterday. Now I am waiting on my butterfly WOW fabric to get here later this week. Tonight I pin basted and marked my Autumn Table Runner for machine quilting. I even got one grid line stitched before the football game started. This is my first real machine quilted project. I've played around some with scrap projects and on my quilted post card. I should be able to finish it tomorrow night so I can get the binding on before the end of the week.

Yesterday I spent some time browsing through some of my older magazines. In only one of them did I find any patterns that excited me and in that magazine there are four patterns that I want to try. The others have gone into the "pass it on" pile. This morning while waiting for some work files to download to my computer I cleaned out my quilting folder on my computer desktop. I got rid of a lot of files that no longer appealed to me and marked ones that still have potential for me to make.

I've signed up for the Stashbusters No Buy Program for at least the next 6 months. Doing the clean-up and re-reading of my magazines has given me enough ideas to work through my stash and, hopefully, not have to buy anything other than backing and binding fabric. I do need to buy some batting since I have many projects that are close to getting done. I still have some birthday money leftover and I'm thinking I will order several pacakges of batting from Fabric Depot since they offer 30% off an on-line order. Once I get the batting I will be all set to work my way through the winter!

Quilt on!


Libby said...

The vertigo must have been an awful feeling.
At least you got the opportunity to go through some of your things today -- magazines, fabrics, etc. Look forward to seeing the piano key border and the quilt they will become attatched to.

May Britt said...

Hope you are feeling better today. Browsing through old magazines are very good when you are sick, have done that a lot. Seems like you came up with some new plans for quilts. Looking forward to see them in progress.

Cynthia said...

I hope you're feeling better.

Good luck with the No Buy program on the Stashbusters group. I haven't joined up. I don't know if i would be go without buying fabric.

Gail said...

Vertigo is no fun-I'm just getting over the last of it now, and it hit me back in August. Keep an eye out and if it strikes again, see your doctor. I had to spend the first few days in bed with eyes closed, anything else had me emptying my stomach, etc. Hope you improve rapidly and completely.