Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Is It Snowing Yet?

Finn wrote a beautiful entry about the first snow fall. I can't wait for the first snow fall, or the second, or the third. You get the picture. So I thought I'd share some pictures of my corner of the world during a blizzard we had in March 2005. The first picture is looking out our front windows across the street. We live on the second floor of the building - notice the snow built up on the window ledge. This was the only storm where the snow had been blown up that high on the window ledge.

The second picture is what I saw when I opened our front door. We have to step down about six inches to the sidewalk so you can get an idea of how much snow had fallen (and it was still falling at this point). Luckily we don't have to shovel the snow. Living downtown has it advantages - like snow removal. Although when it snows on the weekend we will go out and clear the sidewalk around our front door so we can get around.

The last picture was taken while standing outside my front door looking towards downtown. The bench is a normal size bench and the orange cone lets the snow plow know where to stop. The snow pile was as tall as my six-foot husband and filled almost half the street! This storm was great because it started on a Saturday, lasted all day Sunday and still was hanging around on Monday. I don't remember what I did during the day, but I probably spent some time quilting.

On a quilty note, I cut 7 more FQs for my birthday quilt. That brings me up to 12 of 35 FQs cut. I have to call Fabric Depot about my background fabric. Apparently I transposed some numbers on my credit card and have to give them right number so I can get my fabric.

The other day I purchased the current issue of Quilter's Home and the book "Zen and the Art of Quilting". This is a cool little book. I've only read two chapters and I already like it. I'm beginning to think my birthday quilt is becoming my Zen quilt.

A friend recommended I find books by Georgia Bonesteel to learn about lap quilting (quilt-as-you-go). I found two of her books being sold together on E-Bay, Lap Quilting and New Ideas for Lap Quilting. I got them for $6 plus shipping. That's a good price for me. I still don't know if I'll lap quilt by birthday quilt. Now that I have books coming I'll wait until I get them and review them. Sounds like I'll have a busy weekend. New books to read. A new quilt to start. What else could I want? Oh, I know, a freak blizzard!


Libby said...

Wow -- that's a lotta snow *S*

Finn said...

Hi Sweet Pea, thanks for the mention..*VBS* I'm so delighted that you like my ramblings about snow. What I have found, as I get older, is a time and way to say some of the unimportant things. Like the excitement of a first snow.
I realize that gals who have always lived in a warm climate don't have that reality. And I've come to realize that snow is part of who I am.
Not a huge percentage, but a reality just the same.
Your snow pictures are wonderful!! And YES!!! that IS a lot of snow! I have enjoyed your comments so much, and I do thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. I hope you'll come back often and be part of my circle of friends..*VBS* I'll be back to see what your FQ's will become..Hugs, Finn

Anonymous said...

Oh my - for a moment I thought that was current snow! My next thought was to go and check the weather forecast because there is a chill in the air that doesn't feel very nice.

I'm new to your Blog - thank you for commenting on mine and I shall look forward to visiting yours regularly.

Laurie said...

I'm so jealous to think that you get snow like this. We rarely get snow -- once a year if we're lucky, and it usually doesn't stay around. I think we've had three real blizzards since I moved to Seattle in '84. Enjoy it for me when it comes!

Laurie said...

I'm so jealous to think that you get snow like this. We rarely get snow -- once a year if we're lucky, and it usually doesn't stay around. I think we've had three real blizzards since I moved to Seattle in '84. Enjoy it for me when it comes!

floribunda said...

hmm -- I've never lived with snow since I was about 4, so that looks pretty daunting! Although I do enjoy watching the stuff come down on the rare occasion I get to see it. What I don't like is having to walk through snow/ice/slush like I experienced on a couple of (very cold) business trips last winter!

Karen said...

That's so beautiful. What are those buildings you live in? It looks like a college. They're so pretty.

dot said...

LOve the snow pictures. We don't get to much here in Portland and I sure do miss it. I am getting back to the blogs I had marked as favorites before we zapped my computer and sooo happy to come across yours again. Love the ribbons quilt. Was it an on line project, if so where do I find it. Happy belated birthday.

Bingo~Bonnie said...

Thanks for sharing the photos with us! I grew up in KY and we always got some snow each winter but since I have been married we have lived in the South and have only had snow fall upon our roof once in 10 years.

Only enough to last a day before melting- something like 2" I think it was? Not much at all but enough that they shut the whole town down and they said only emergency personel could be on the roads!

LOL Georgia just wasn't prepared for snow! :c) ~Bonnie

Cynthia said...

looks like i am soo behind in reading blogs.
Your snow photos are just beautiful. Where i live there we don't get snow but i would love to experience just one Winter with snow.