Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Fear is Gone

It's Wednesday night . . . how do you spend your mid-week day and evening? After spending my day at my desk I came home, started fixing dinner and then decided to do some quilting. First up was cutting and piecing the binding for one of the quilts I'm expecting back from my long armer on Friday. I just need to press it now.

After dinner I caught up on reading and commenting on blogs. Then I forced myself to get my hand piecing red and white quilt so I could work on it. I've haven't touched it for quite a few days. I was still a little afraid of matching up seams and getting them sewn together properly since I had so much trouble piecing my Tumbling Blocks last month. Finally I said to myself, "Just do it!" I pulled my Jinny Beyer book off the shelf, found the right page and followed the instructions. Voila! I did it! Now I have two rows sewn together in my first block and have started adding the third row.

Now I'm confident to bring the blocks with me in the car again. Wow! I feel I've overcome a big hurdle and I'm so relieved. I've been feeling guilty about not working on my hand piecing. How dare I stop working on a project from a little fear! Well, the fear is gone and I can't wait to start hand piecing on the way to work again.

It's late and I need some sleep. Two more days until the weekend! Hooray!


Linda_J said...

What do they say--each journey begins with a small step. I think it often starts with baby steps--halting, worrying and learning along the way. Some find handpiecing more relaxing, more portable and for some blocks, the easiest way to handle the intricacies of a block. One of my girlfriends would say that she never made "friends" with her machine as a matter of fact. Good for you, Paula!

Gail said...

Atta girl! That's how to get it done.

Libby said...

Way to go -- now you can sit back, relax and enjoy your project. Have fun.

DubiQuilts said...

You go girl. I am so lucky not to work outside the house any more. Week days and nights are the same. Clean, laundry and cook. All three I am not good at. Quilting, sewing, crafting and working on the computer I get todo eveyday and night. By 9:00 pm I am in bed watching tv then I fall asleep.