Sunday, July 30, 2006

Machine Quilting and House Hunting

Well, starting two projects yesterday wasn’t enough for me. I started a 3rd one today. I got a pattern called Seattle Streets from another group I’m on and I’m working on one. It’s really more a method of making a stained glass quilt than a pattern. So far I've used almost 10 FQs. Not as much as I had hoped, but I may be able to make 2 quilts rather than one from the fabrics I pulled to use for the quilt.

I spent some time this morning reading Harriet Hargraves Heirloom Machine Quilting book. Given my little attempt at machine quilting yesterday I decided it was time to seriously consider teaching myself how to machine quilt. I ordered some monofilament thread and the book Needles & Threads & Bobbins, Oh, My! From Connecting Threads. I can't wait for the thread to arrive so I can practice some more. I have quite a few quilt tops ready for finishing and I don't want to tie all of them.

Bruce and I went to an Open House today on a condo near here. One of the best features of the condo is tons and tons of storage space. Every nook has some type of storage. The first picture is the room that would be my quilting studio The closet in this room is on the right and is about 4 ft deep. It has wire shelving in the back plus hanging space in the front.

The second picture is the living room. Notice the built-ins under the stairs. There is also a closet that goes under the stairs too. There is a built in across from the stairs that holds at least a 42 inch TV with a shelf above it for other electronics. The dining room is off the living room and has a skylight. The kitchen is just beyond the dining room.

The master bedroom suite is on the 3rd floor. There is a 1.5 bath and a large walk-in closet too. There is also a storage space along one wall.

When we were reading the listing package I noticed that the first owner had bought the condo from a man we rented our first condo from 5 years ago. His business is buying older homes and converting them into condos. This is actually the 2nd property in the last few months we have looked at the he has done. We are thinking of calling him to see what he has under renovation right now and seeing if we can work with him on a new condo. We know his work is good. We know we could save money. So why not?


EileenKNY said...

If you can get a good price, I'd say go for it. Around here, they're saying it's a buyers' market. Sellers are scrambling and offering incentives like paying the closing costs for the buyers. The rooms look nice and airy, and I love the light in the "quilting studio".

Linda_J said...

You just got your sewing studio all set up and are considering moving? The pictures look lovely--size comparable for what would be the studio in the new space?