Sunday, July 09, 2006

Will The Game Ever End????

I am a baseball fan and have been watching the Red Sox/White Sox game today. The game started at 2 PM. It is now 8:15 PM and they are starting the 20th inning! That's over 6 hours of playing time. During that time we were able to watch the World Cup Soccer final on another TV. Cook and eat dinner and relax a little. It's almost my Sunday night bed time (it's a bummer having to get up for work on Monday) and the game is still on . . . well, now it's over. The White Sox won. Not my team. But, hey the Red Sox still won 2 of the 3 games over the White Sox.

I did get some quilting done today. I worked on an orange, green and purple wall hanging. I got all 4 rows put together and 2 of the rows sewn together. I also worked on my hand quilting project for awhile. I'm still not completely consistent with my stitches so I still pull out and redo several stitches along the way. That's fine with me. I'm using this project as a "learn the techinque" project.

So far I've learned the following tips for hand quilting:
1. I thread 6 needles at a time on my spool of thread. That way I spend less time between threads.
2. My cheap needle threader is my new best friend - it's the best 60 cents I've spent in a long time.
3. It's easier to pull out stitches using the needle eye (and it doesn't damage the material)
4. Thimble-Its are better than regular thimbles any day.
5. You should always have a bright light next to you when quilting.

I'm still debating if using variegated thread while hand quilting a mini whole cloth is OK. In some places I like it, in some places I don't. I guess this debate will continue until I finish the project.

Mary wrote about Bloglines in one of her recent posts. I've been looking for a way to keep track of the blogs I read and I'm so glad she mentioned that site. I've entered all the blogs I read. Makes it so much easier to read the blogs. Thanks, Mary.

Well, since the baseball is over and it's getting dark and Bruce is home from the golf course it's time for me to stop playing with fabric for the weekend and think about Monday morning at the office. It will be a long week this week. I have to train a new sales assistant, plus I have to start producing quaterly client reports. Whew! I get tired just thinking about it!

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EileenKNY said...

Variegated thread almost always brings a little life to the quilt, so don't worry about that.
One thing I learned when doing hand quilting or applique, put the light on your non-dominant side. I'm left handed, so I place the light on my right. That way, there are fewer shadows on the quilt top.

Your BoSox may have lost, but my Yankees are still 3 games out. Boohoo!