Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Wedding Is Over . . .

I think I’m almost recovered from The Wedding! Friday night it rained so we ended up having 35 people over to our house for the rehearsal dinner! Wow! I never thought we could have so many people in our place, but we did and it was fun! We set up the bar in the hallway, used my sewing table as a serving table and let people roam. Then the young adults and Bruce sat up and played poker and talked until about 3 AM.

Yesterday morning I treated my mom and DS #3’s girlfriend to the salon and we had our hair done. Then it was back to the apt to get ready for the afternoon wedding. The wedding was beautiful and the rain held off until we got to the reception hall. We had lots of fun eating, drinking and dancing. Then it was back to our house to wait for the limo to take Geoffrey and Tasha to their hotel. They opened their presents and we all started to relax.

This morning they flew to Orlando and are now in their room at the Beach Club at Disney World. I have told them not to call me again unless it is an emergency! They are on their honeymoon!

My brothers and nephew left early this morning. Brandon, Ellen and their friend Zak came for breakfast and then headed back to New York. My parents are here until Tuesday and then they will go home to Minnesota. It's been a great weekend but I can't wait to get my quilting studio back! Next weekend I am going to treat myself to a new project - I'm going to work on my Seattle Streets/New Hampshire Summer quilt.


Gail said...

Best wishes to the happy couple....and to you, the Mother-in-law! How neat that your dil shares your quilting interest.

Linda_J said...

Congratulations and Best Wishes to the couple and their families. Your son favors you and Tasha doesn't look bigger than a minute. What a lovely bride!

sewnut said...

Weddings are wonderful, like a newly opened bud in the garden.
The event is beautiful, the happy couple are sincere and there is the promise of a wonderful life together given the proper care and attention. Family and friends are so lucky when they share this special occasion. All the best to your and yours. ...and now is the time you deserve to rest.