Sunday, July 16, 2006

Borders and Backings and Wedding Plans . . . Oh My

Geoffrey and Tasha's wedding is only 7 days away and I am still taking care of the final plans. One of the items on my list is to temporarily convert my quilt studio into a guest room. That means making it ready to accept a queen size bed. UGH! So in order to make that happen I decided to spend some time finishing borders and piecing backings for my growing stack of tops.

Today I accomplished that. I finished the borders on a new wall hanging I started two weeks ago. I finished the borders and pieced the backing for Mom's Kitties and my SIL's baby quilt. I pieced backings for my Pink Finity and Contrary Quarters Gone Awry. I would share pictures, but my quilt holder, AKA my husband, is in Atlanta until Tuesday and my design wall isn't complete yet.

After all that work I decided I could treat myself to a new project (or at least work on the plan). Laurie Biethan generously shared her Seattle Street pattern on Stashbusters and I pulled 11 fabrics to make the quilt. Some of the fabrics needed to be washed and they are just now ready to be ironed. I don't know if I will get any strips cut tonight. But I might get some cutting done before family starts to arrive on Wednesday.

I think I am going to use the dark green fabric for the "leading" instead of the black that Laurie used. I think I am going to call the quilt "Summertime". Is it too early to name the quilt? I don't know. Usually the name will come to me while I'm working on the quilt; but this time the name came to me while I was looking at the fabric laid out for the picture.


Linda_J said...

I am so behind on my reading of list mail I will have to go back to see what pattern Laurie shared.

In panic mode yet about the wedding, Paula?

Laurie Biethan said...

Ooh, great colors Paula! I like the idea of green "leading." I was thinking of using something similar in with florals. I can't wait to see your finished quilt!

EileenKNY said...

I like your colors. I haven't been able to keep up with my lists, so I thank you for mentioning the Seattle Streets pattern. It's definitely on my to do list.
Don't overstress about the wedding-it all comes out right in the end. But it's too bad you have to give up the sewing room for a while.

Nancy said...

You're fabric choices for Seattle Streets is beautiful. I think the dark green will make much better leading than black would with those fabrics.

I've started pulling fabric for mine. I've been thinking about light to medium batiks with black leading but I'm not totally sold on that yet. Still auditioning fabric. In my house that's a long process as I'll pull a few and ponder them for a few days then add a few more to the mix and ponder those awhile and then maybe add a few more and take a few away. I've just started this process so I expect I'll be piecing this one somethine this fall. :-)