Sunday, September 23, 2012

How Do You Clean?

Do you have any unique ways you clean your home?  I admit I do.  I can only clean one area a day, otherwise my Muse gets cranky and my fibro kicks in.  I set a time limit for myself.  I turn on Jesus Christ Superstar and do as much cleaning as I can in the 1.6 hours it takes to play.  For me that means I can clean the kitchen/dining area or the living room or one bedroom or both bathrooms.  I have to clean in the morning after watching Good Morning America.  In other words, my day doesn't start until 9 am.

Yesterday I cranked the music and deep cleaned the kitchen.  Maybe I shouldn't say deep cleaned as I didn't wash the cupboards or clean out the fridge or clean the pantry.  Those projects I do best when hubby is around to help.  I started with the dirty dishes.  Then I moved counter clockwise around the kitchen to the stove, the outside of the fridge, around to the island, then to the coffee counter.  From there I moved over to Mr. E's little table area, the dining room table and then my desk.  Last was sweeping and mopping floors.  When JCS finished I was ready to sit down and relax.  The only task left to do was take the trash out which hubby did when he got home from work.

Earlier this week Karen at Sew Many Ways shared her Coffee Bar.  We don't have space for a coffee bar like she does.  Instead we have a coffee counter.  This counter is to the right of the kitchen sink.  This is what is looks like when it all nice and clean.  I'm often up and out the door before hubby gets out of bed so I will make the coffee and fill the thermos for him.  We have a slew of travel mugs and usually one or two of them are handy.  The teddy bear on the right was made by hubby's grandma.  We put him there awhile ago and he just seems to fit right in.  Where else can a bear make you smile except when you are pouring your morning coffee?

I keep our coffee in a drawer below the counter. We get our coffee from Boca Java. We've been getting our coffee from them for a long time. They have several roasts to choose from and the coffee beans are roasted to order so the coffee is always fresh.  You choose your delivery schedule.  I get seven bags and one free sample bag every 7 - 8 weeks.  It's a great way to get coffee.

It felt great to get one room cleaned before my stay-cation next week.  That means I will have more creative play time.

Do you have any special or unique ways you clean?

Sweet P

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