Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Belated Creat -a-versary to Me!

I celebrate little events in my life.  For example, besides our wedding anniversary, hubby and I celebrate the date of our first official date, December 31.  We also celebrate every 100 days of being married. On September 26 we will be married 4,100 days!

Therefore it is only natural to celebrate the day I started being creative again.  I say again because growing up my grandmother taught me to sew, crochet, needlepoint and bead work.  She was always making something.  When I was a young mom I didn't have the time to pursue creating.

On September 4, 2004 I began creating again.  I started with taking an on-line quilt class from Quilt University.  If you have never visited their site, you should.  The classes are interesting, the price is reasonable, and you will enjoy it.

I quilted until I got sick four years ago.  I was out of work for the summer and although I was still quilting, I wasn't getting as much enjoyment out of it.  I started sewing other projects and played a little bit with other mediums.  I left my old job and started working at a national fabric and craft store.  Me, oh my, my creativity was reborn with all the goodies available to me.

Soon after my grandson was born, I started crocheting again.  Then along came embroidery and needlepoint.  Papercrafting soon found a place in my studio as well.

Now I spend time creating every day.  I am a happy person when I can create.  A cranky person when I cannot create.  I even take crocheting with me when hubby and I go to the Deutsche Bank Golf Championship every Labor Day Weekend.  Yes, we are standing at the 5th green and in between groups I will crochet.

Belated Happy Create-a-versary to me!

What is your favorite kind of creating?

Sweet P

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happy Create-a-versary.xx