Saturday, September 22, 2012

Getting Organized . . . Maybe

I love to see photos of perfectly organized homes with everything in it place.  What I would love even more is to see those same homes three days later.  Do they still look the same?  I'm not sure.  Maybe, maybe not.

I've been a fan of Apartment Therapy for quite awhile.  Earlier this week they sent an email with the subject line: Getting Organized: The Big Picture.  The article is great and is full of the perfect tips for me in my quest to gain control over our home again.

I especially like the comment: "Before you buy one more thing for your home, just observe, for a week, how your home works."  I've been mulling over that comment and thinking how we operate in this house.  A few of my observations:

  • When he comes home hubby puts his briefcase next to the couch and his keys on the bar.
  • When I come home my work bag and purse get put on Mr. E's table in the dining room.
  • I'm awful at throwing away junk mail.  It usually gets left on the table for several days before getting put in the trash.  Since I walk by the dumpster from the mailbox to the house you would think I would immediately tear up the junk and throw it away.  Nope, not yet as a practice.
  • I am good at storing things where they used.  Toilet paper and bathroom cleaning products are in the bathroom.  Mr. E's arts and craft supplies are in a bookcase next to his table.
  • My creative materials can be found all over the house, not just in the studio.  In all fairness, the only materials not in the studio are most likely current projects.  Although I do tend to leave my crocheting and needlepoint on the fold-down table on the couch which is annoying to hubby.  Currently my book making supplies are on a table in the Man Cave and should be put away.
  •  I have a great new custom built storage area downstairs that isn't being used to it's best capabilities.  That's not good.  Especially since it's been there for a year.  I think that is where I need to start.  Don't you?

Sweet P

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