Sunday, May 02, 2010

All Things Local Swap Goodies

The mail man was good to me again yesterday. I received my Ravelry All Things Local box from Contrary Rose from Emmitsburg, MD.

Mr. E was here and helped me open it. He really loves opening and closing boxes these days. It's a good thing he was helping me because at the top of the box was this adorable knitted crab. Rose made him for Mr. E. He was sitting on a silver platter which I will use on my craft table. I tried hard to get a photo of Mr. E with Mr Crabby (that's what we've named him), but had no luck. I'll keep trying to get that photo!
Here are the local goodies she included: a package of Apple Fritter mix, local coffee, crab-flavored popcorn, Old Bay Seasoning, a novel by a local author, a copy of her local paper (what a great idea!) and a local travel magazine.
The yarn she sent is heavenly! It's a superwash merino sock yarn from Knits With Sticks. The color is Lipstick on Your Collar. It is so soft and gorgeous.
Since I hadn't used my new yarn winder yet and I couldn't wait to start working with the yarn, I decided to make my first yarn cake. I don't have a yarn swift and DH was playing with Mr. E so I improvised and set up the winder and yarn like this:
It took me a while to wind the yarn set up this way, but I had fun doing it. I was rewarded with this cake:
Now I can start crocheting a pair of socks!

Thanks, Contrary Rose, for a wonderful package!

Sweet P


Lisa said...

Loved the contents of that package! The local newspaper was a GREAT idea. I'll have to remember that for any future swaps! Love the swift! I usually use the back of a bar stool myself to keep the cats from attacking the yarn. I can't wait to see the socks! That yarn is yummy looking!

Libby said...

That crab is too cute!