Monday, May 03, 2010

Makes Me Happy Monday #5

My May Towel arrived from my swap group.
A new 2010 Honda Civic EX-L in my driveway.
This doesn't make me happy.
Wally has to stand on his head until the Red Sox win several more games.


Fiesta said...

Mary did such a lovely job on those.
I like your new wheels too.

Lurline said...

I'd be happy with that zippy little Honda, too!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Rhonda said...

thank you so much for the great prize pack you mailed me in your anniversary giveaway. The mailman brought it Saturday.
we shared the candy that night, I'll be cooking from your great recipe book often, and I am drinking Liptons in my new mug right now,
a very big thanks to you!

and enjoy your new car.
Hope the red sox win so your little guy can sit upright again.

Candace said...

Dh was just saying about an hour ago that he hopes the Sox sweep the Yankees.
Love your new car. I've had my new Hyundai Elantra (same class I think) since about June, and I still baby it and feel like it's new.