Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Half of Ten on Tuesday

I don't have 10 crochet projects, but today I have 5 (or half of 10) projects on my hooks.

Today I worked on my Ribbons & Bows Socks from the May issue of Crochet! magazine. I'm using the yarn I received in my All Things Local swap. I couldn't get a good photo of the cables and bows. I must take some photography lessons.
This morning I started a secret project for another swap. Just for fun, I'm leaving the yarn on the winder while working on the project. I'm using Plymouth Encore DK Yarn for this surprise.
On Sunday night I started a Textured Purse. Instead of using Caron Yarns, I'm using Winter Buster Yarn in red, white and black from New Hampshire Knitting Mama and Stitch Nation's Full O-Sheep yarn in white and later, with black. This pattern is different in that it's stitched using two strands of yarn.
I'm still plugging away on my Marseilles Jacket. I'm a little frustrated with the project. The instructions call for 43 rows for the body. However, I have stitched 50 rows and it's still too short. The instructions do say to add or subtract rows as necessary. I'm stumped how my sweater isn't coming close to the right size even though my gauge was right.
My Crochenit Patches are still there. Two patches are done and I've started a third one, in blue. Now that I have my yarn winder I'll be able to wind the rest of the yarn for this project so I can keep working on it.
Mr. E is so close to walking. He is standing without holding on to anything for several seconds. Today I even saw him dancing while standing and not holding on to anything. Look out world. soon nothing will be stopping him.

Sweet P


Lurline said...

Lots of gorgeous projects happening there!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Elizabeth McClung said...

Lots of nice stuff. I hear that socks are often the hardest to make, particuarly for other people. Have you found that to be true?

Good luck on the secret project for the swap (where can I find out about the swap, I love the idea of it!).