Saturday, May 22, 2010

Friday Night Sew-In

I've had a successful 48 hours of creative time since Thursday afternoon and here are my results.

Thursday night I worked on this sweater for Mr. E.
It is a sweater vest from The Little Box of Crochet for Baby.
The pattern is working up fairly quickly and I love the colors.
Thursday night and again last night I worked on a new cross stitch project.
It's a biscornu pattern showcasing ice cream cones and treats.
Oh yeah, a couple hours with Mr. E slipped in yesterday afternoon.
Here is the project I've been working on since February. I started one of these bags and was two-thirds done with it when I realized I had cut the bottom pieces too big. I had to scrap that entire bag and start over with new fabrics. It's a Melly and Me Sleepover Overnight Bag. This bag challenged me with a zipper, curved bias binding and a boxy top. But I persevered and finished it. This morning I added the final touches including cloth covered buttons to match the bindings. I'm happy with the bag and may make another one.

Mr. E and mommy just stopped by on the way to their new apartment. Did I mention they are moving across the street from us? I'm going to get some Ethan hugs and kisses and then it's off to work this afternoon.

What did you work on during the Friday Night Sew-In?

Sweet P


Fiesta said...

Fabulous bag Paula. I too need one for our weekend getaways but a zipper would kill me.

Chookyblue...... said...

lovely Mr E sure is going to be close now...........yeh....

Teresa said...

Love the bag - great choice of fabric. Ethan is a real doll.

Miss Muffin said...

What a cute bag! Love the shape! And the colors!!!