Friday, May 14, 2010

How Do You Make Yourself Happy?

I'm trying to make me happy.
I had a bad start to my morning.
This was my first attempt - a bright, cheery yarn cake.

I'm not happy yet. Now I'm off to work in my studio. Maybe that will help me.

How do you make yourself happy when you've had a bad start to your day?

Sweet P


Laura said...

I remind myself of all of the good things happening in my life. If it's a really bad day, sometimes it takes awhile to think of some things, but there's always something I can come up with.

Tasha said...

Miss Muffin said...

TEA! I LOVE tea! Preferably black. At the moment I can not have much of it (I am nursing and the tiny one does not seem to like when I drink it) ... :-( But for me it works like a charm!

aletheia_vox said...

A long, hot shower followed by moisturizing with cocoa butter...and paying no attention to the time while doing so. You feel (and smell) awesome afterwards!

Lori in South Dakota said...

I sew with a good cup of coffee.

Miss Muffin said...

After I commented you wrote me a nice email and asked how I came across your blog. I answered you - but for some strange reason my email never reaches you. It came back already three times. So now I am giving up ... and just write another comment. ;-)

To be honest - I do not really remember how I found your blog ... I think there was a link on some other blog ... but not sure. When I am on the internet I usually have so many tabs open with different pages doing several things at the same time .... When I came across your blog I loved that photo of the colorful yarn ... so I had to comment! :-)

I hope you enjoy my blog!
Love from Germany