Thursday, June 25, 2009

Getting Ready for Vacation

I've announced the winner for the first week of If It's Tuesday recipe contest. You can read about it here. The contest is still running so enter your favorite chicken recipe today. You can enter as often as you'd like.

Next Wednesday DH and I leave for our 12 day vacation. We are taking a road trip from our home in Dover, NH to Bar Harbor, ME to Saint John, NB. We hope to meet some friends, play some golf and do some shopping.

I've been finishing up my swaps (I know, I've been saying that for weeks, but really I'm almost done). I have one more box to put together in the next week and then I can breathe again. In the meantime, I received my Solstice Package and opened it on Sunday. My partner made me this gorgeous tea cup wall hanging. I love the cups, but it's the gold binding that really makes the wall hanging fantastic.
Here are the rest of goodies that were in the box. Blue baby yarn, cat note cards, two bags of buttons, three FQs of green fabric, a facial in a box, four Tea Time magazines, patriotic socks, a needle card, a tea towel and a box of Suisse Mocha coffee with a recipe for a coffee milk shake.
Mr. E is growing so fast. Last night he and daddy came over to watch the replay of the USA/Spain soccer match. He happily sat/reclined on his boppy pillow, sucked his fists and watched the game. He is starting to make sounds and is trying hard to laugh. He can open his mouth wide, but can't quite get the laugh out.
That's all the news for today. I work every day from now until Monday, Tuesday is Mr. E's day with me and Wednesday we leave for vacation. What a week!

Sweet P


Fiesta said...

cups wall hanging is just adorable.

Mary Grace McNamara said...

what a fabulous package you received! Darling wall hanging!

Have a great vacation and have fun shopping for yarn and other yummy things!


NanaKaren said...

Hi there! I was browsing a bit and ran across this blog and your cooking one. Will be back again.

I love the coffee cup wall hanging! Love coffee and cute cups.

Your visiting Mr. E is adorable! Enjoy.