Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Baseball Swap Goodies

Last summer Kim and I made a bet about the Red Sox/Yankees games over the summer. The winner would send the loser a package of goodies. Well, they finished the season series 8-8 so we decided to send each other a package. Monday I received my package from Kim. Last night at the first pitch of the game we opened our boxes. Wow! Kim really spoiled me! Here's what she sent.

This awesome baseball wall hanging,
One yard of this cool coffee fabric,
Plus all of these goodies. Two more pieces of coffee fabric, Aunt Martha's transfer pencils, a butterfly cross stitch project, pillowcases to embroider, In The Garden redwork kit, Aunt Martha motif a month transfers, Ricky Tims playing cards, NY stickers, a collection of baseball charms with coordinating fabrics, a Big Papi poster and two Yankees souvenirs - a Yankees hat and an A-Rod keychain. She also included an Australian Craft magazine that didn't make it in the photo. You can see what I sent her here.
It's probably a good thing we're not making the bet this year. As of last night's game the Red Sox have beat the Yankees all six times they've played this year. Sorry, Kim.

Yesterday was Mr. E's day with me. He was sleeping when mommy dropped him off. When he woke up he greeted me with tons of smiles. He has learned to smile and like to do it. I love this photo I got of one those cute smiles.
Well, I must get to my swap projects. The clock is ticking and I'm running out of time getting them done.

Sweet P


Rhonda said...

What wonderful goodies and what a cutie!!!!
Take care.

Paula said...

Ah! Mr. E is so cute. I bet your loving it when he comes to play.

Sweet swap packages. How fun that you guys opened your packages just as the game was starting! Very cool!

DebMc said...

That's one cute kiddo!

We'll have to do the baseball swap thing someday between your Red Sox and my Rangers.

Kim said...

if we could rid of our big buck do nothings- cc -ahole and AJ we'd have money to get real players that play hard every day not when they feel like it- I didn't watch the game tonight- did we lose that one too? LOL - damn yankees...we better shape up for the Subway series- or there will be no living with the men in the house and they'll want their Met flag in the front of the house instead of my cute americana one- glad you liked the goodies...