Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Studio Cleaning and Autumn Leaves

My studio was in desperate need of cleaning. When DH took the TV out of the room on Sunday stuff got moved around. I had projects laying around and in general I didn't feel creative being in there. Here is the right side of the room.
Here is the left side of the room. The table and bookcase look empty without the TV and cable box. The table is full of stuff. The floor is cluttered.
Aaaahhhhhh . . . this is much better. Only my current project is on the work table. I hung my "P" on the wall. Even the closet doors are closed.
The TV and cable box are back in their place. The big box has been added to the recycle pile. The floor is clean. I hung a clock that was a gift from my sons.
I even hung my bulletin board. The top half was meant to display photos, but I decided to show off some fabric instead.
Just for fun, I took a photo of one of the branches outside my patio door. The leaves are getting so pretty. I can't wait to see the whole tree in color.

Now that my studio is clean I can focus on my Stitcher's Angel projects.

Go Red Sox! On to the play-offs!
Sweet P


Catherine said...

That looks so lovely and tidy -- and ready for a creative explosion! :-)
I like seeing the colours of fall, but dread the thought of another winter. Hopefully this winter is nowhere near as snowy as last year's!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

You have a great work area Sweet P...

Sandra said...

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm it didn't look all that messy to me in the "before" pics - it looked quite comfy and homey, imho!! If I were visiting, I'd have just pushed some stuff aside and plopped myself down to enjoy a visit!

Teresa said...

Your studio looks wonderful and I love all the special touches you have made. We must be kindred spirits as I just function better when things are neat and in their place.

DebMc said...

Wow! That's gorgeous. You are boosting my inspiration for decluttering my home. More, it makes me want to pretty up my creative areas.

You are going to have some terrific creative ideas in your studio. Congrats on a job well done!

doni said...

Ah - Sweet P! My daughter is collecting 'R's and hanging them on her family room wall. I think she has 15 or so of them now! I'm just thankful it's not something I have to make that she is collecting!

Good space - go forth and create!

doni @ Oregon

Denise in PA said...

Great space, Paula! I agree, when you do a good clean-up, it is much easier to work. I was wondering if the TV would go back in! I don't think I could quilt without mine. But, I'd probably get more done if it wasn't in my sewing room-LOL! I often sit hands poised at the sewing machine with my mouth open engrossed in whatever's on the screen! In fact, two weeks ago, I took a chunk out of my index finger while looking at the TV instead of what was going through the machine - ouch!