Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Bead Mat Pattern?

Good morning! Fall is definitely on its way to New England. I have a few more red leaves on the trees. The nights are cooler. The Canadian geese have been flying around our area for over a week now.

I have joined the Bead Journal Project this year. I have my design in mind and need to find the time to get working on it.

I'm searching for some old bead patterns. The two mats below were made by my grandma in the early '80s. I used to have the book with the patterns. However the box the pattern book was in was accidentally thrown away during a move many years ago.

I know how to make the mats, but I'm really looking for the book because there were other patterns I would like to see and possibly make. I remember there was a pattern for a Tiffany lamp cover in the book. Does anyone, by any chance, have this book or give me some tips on finding one?

These mats are not my Bead Journal Project. I'm thinking of making a few for Christmas gifts. If you can help me out I would be so grateful.
Sweet P


heidibeads said...

Welcome to BJP Sweet P! I too am from New England - CT and I love the cooler nights. I love your grammas pieces, how lucky you are to have them. Hope the leaves stay green for a little longer but it looks like an early fall here, how bout you?

Cathy W said...

I love these bead mats! What size bead are used in them and what size are the actual mats? Curious minds NEED to know!

Welcome to BJP too. It's great fun & my second year (although I'm behind still on last year's -- need to finish the last two).

Brenda said...

Outstandingly beautiful. I do not know anything about beads. But, I wish you the best of luck in finding the book and having fun with your new projects!

Fiesta said...

Sweet Pea have you heard anything about when we will receive our postage stamp charms?

Solstitches said...

No help from me as I never heard of bead mats before although I was interested to see them.
I hope you find the book you are looking for.