Sunday, July 24, 2011

Random Thoughts on Tuesday

It's a cool, cloudy day here in NH. The heat wave we had last week has left the building and should be gone until the weekend. It's 30 degrees cooler today than it was last week and my brain is full of random thoughts.

Random Thought #1
Do you have foods from your childhood that you can't find so easily now? For me, it's Tuna Salad made with Creamette Macaroni Rings. It's the rings that make the salad so yummy. It clumps great on the spoon and always reminds of summertime in Minnesota. In the winter I crave Malt-O-Meal, preferably chocolate, served hot with a dollop of marshmallow fluff on top. I have been known to come home from visiting family in Minnesota with one or both foods tucked in my suitcase or carry on bag.

Random Thought #2
Are both of your feet the same size? I always assumed mine were. That is until I started wearing footlets this summer. It seems my left foot is a smudge larger than my right foot. No matter which footlet I put on my left foot it always slides down.

Random Thought #3
Do you do laundry every day or once a week? I do mine every Tuesday. Why Tuesday? That was the day my grandma and grandpa did laundry using one of these:
I loved to go over to her house (which was across the street from me) on Tuesday mornings and watch them do laundry. When I was working Monday through Friday laundry day was generally Sunday. Now that Mr. E is here on Tuesdays we do laundry together.

Random Thought #4
If you do your laundry all in one day, do you do the loads in a certain order? Here is the order I do mine: bedding, towels, underwear and socks, lights, darks and then all the pants.

Random Thought #5
When you are sewing or knitting or creating are you a process person or a project person? I define a project person as one who makes one, maybe two projects at a time. They won't start another project until one is done. A process person is someone who loves to plan, shop for and then make the project. They may have several projects going at once. For them, it's all about the creative process.

As for me, I'm a process creator. I love to plan out a project. I often rewrite a pattern and doodle it out before I start cutting the fabric or prepping the canvas. I truly love sitting and working on a project. I often feel "let down" when I finish a project. Perhaps that's why I have so many WIPs.

Do you have any Random Thoughts for today?


Libby said...

My right foot is slightly bigger. I always try on the right shoe first - no sense falling in love with a great pair of shoes if the right shoe won't fit *s*

Mary Grace McNamara said...

We picked the right week to vacation in NH...LAST week! Cub scout camp is for YOUNG people! I'm too old for this sort of thing! I miss my sewing machine when it's in the shop...can't wait to get it back and start sewing again! That's all my random thoughts for today.


Claudia said...

Loved your "random thoughts" It brought back alot of memories. Thank You.

Lori said...

Hmm. My right foot is bigger. I like to do most my laundry one one day. Any one day. Usually when DH runs out of underwear and socks. Tuna and noodles--egg noodles with peas. Gotten have CANNED peas! Cream of wheat--comfort food Process creator---absolutely!

Random thoughts--I need a grocery list to shop. Shopping without a list is a disaster. I use a list and cross things off as I put them in the cart. I put lots of things in that aren't on the list--but the list is necessary! (that's why I couldn't make a recipe tonight--no coconut-no list!)

Quilter Kathy said...

I enjoyed reading your random thoughts and reflecting on these topics. I am definitely a process person and sometimes it drives me crazy....but I can't help it!