Monday, July 18, 2011

Basement Remodel - The Before Photos

When we bought our condo three years we had plans in place to finish off the basement into a media room. Well, I got sick and was out of work for three months and the plans were scrapped. Then hubby started playing in a weekly poker league and made friends with a self employed contractor and a self employed electrician. There was a lot of talk between them about our unfinished basement and our desire to have it become a functional space.

Earlier this year a deal was struck between them and our basement is in the process of becoming a media room and a storage/utility room. Since I haven't blogged about this before, over the next three days I will take on a tour of the room over the last few months. There is still quite a bit of work to be done, but it's starting to take shape down there.

This was the view looking from the back door into the room. That is not my washer and dryer. They belonged to my son and DIL. The contractor "bought" them as part of the deal.
Here was the view looking into the space from the stairs in the front of the room. The media room will be taking up most of this space.
This was the view into the laundry/utility room space.
And here is Rob, our contractor, showing off the first stud he put up on April 23. Actually I think the smile on hubby that day was even bigger!
Check back tomorrow for the next set of photos.

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