Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Basement Remodel - May Progress

In May the studs were put in place to define the two rooms. Here is a tour of the media room.

This is the back door along with the studs for a drop ceiling. We had to put in a lower ceiling here because our condo contains all the piping for the entire building. Rob will make this accessible in case of any emergencies and we need to get to the pipes.
Before we could move in we had to have a radon gas exhaust system put in. Rob is covering it with a built in cabinet and shelf. Plans are to put a TV on top of the built in or perhaps poker trophies.
This will be the back wall of the room. Nothing exciting here at the moment.
Rob is building us a custom, movable bar that will sit in front of the dividing wall. In the cubby on the left we will have a fridge, sink and small counter top space.
Under the stairs will become a closet and room for a folding poker table that Rob is also going to custom build for us.
This will be the TV wall. Plans are to have a projector with the picture being shown on this wall. Yes, we will have two TVs in the room. The room will be wired for three TVs. After all it is really a man cave in disguise. Also on this wall will be a built in on the left side and a custom built toy box for Mr. E.
Tomorrow . . . the current state of the space.

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