Sunday, July 17, 2011

Knock, Knock . . . anyone out there?

When I started my blog in April 2006 ago all I did was quilting. I built my Google Blog reading list around quilting blogs. Now, five years later, I crochet, I embroider, I sew, I have a super fantastic grandson and I haven't made a quilt in a long time. I still read a lot of quilting blogs, but my blog list also includes blogs about homemaking, cooking, knitting (and other yarn arts) and home decorating (especially decorating for children).

I've become more of a lurker and less of a commenter. So, I'm curious, will you still visit here if I don't make quilts? If I talk more about yarn and Mr E and other topics, like food and basement remodels and studio reorganizing?

Hubby and I took our summer vacation from June 30 - July 12. Would you like to see some of what we did?

We flew to another part of the country for vacation.
Here was the view that greeted us from the plane:
The next morning we went sight seeing up close. In case you're wondering, I'm showing off my Sunflower Yarns shawl I brought with me to work on.
About an hour later we had this view of the city from Twin Peaks
We were up early the next morning and saw the fog rolling in across the bay
We rode through the mountains, and found snow!
After a day of doing nothing but relaxing we drove around Lake Tahoe.
Here is the view from Emerald Bay
And the view of the lake from a vista above Incline Village
Cave Rock . . . notice how the road was carved through the rock
We had a wonderful weekend in San Francisco and came home to find a Digimedal in our living room
It was a wonderful vacation. Have you gone on vacation yet this year? What did you do?

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Denise in PA said...

Hi Paula! I'm a long-time reader of your blog and I definitely will continue even if you don't make quilts! My blogroll is mostly quilt-related but I also read some cooking (another hobby of mine) and homemaking blogs too! Plus, I love to keep up with my blog friends' lives - whether you quilt or not - I love to hear what you're up to!

JustCindy said...

I will continue to read your blog if you do not make quilts. I enjoy reading about all the topics that you mentioned and I'm always love hearing about Mr E.

Rhonda said...

Greetings Paula! Yes I will still visit no matter what you are up to. I certainly understand changes... so no worries here.

paula, the quilter said...

Sure, I will. That's what friends do.

Rhonda said...

we loved SF when we went in 1982.
no vacation for us, we are hoping to go to Branson MO around Christmas.

I'll keep reading!