Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Wednesday Works

2010 Review

In my former career I was a data geek.  In 2007 I started keeping an Excel workbook for tracking my time spent creating and the money spent on creating.  Here are my stats for 2010.

From January 1 - December 31 I spent 556.50 hours creating.  That translates into these data bytes:
  • 46.38 hours per month
  • 1.52 hours per day
  • August was my most productive month with 58.5 hours, most of it making this shawl
  • February was my least productive month with only 25 hours
  • On average my busiest day of the month is the 21st where I spent a total of 33 hours creating, or an average of 2.75 hours per month
  • My least busiest day of the month is the 3rd where I spent only 9.25 hours or an average 0.77 hours per month
  • My most productive day of the year was March 22 where I created for 7.75 hours.
On the money side:
  • I spent $1,444.64 on creating tools (fabric, yarn, etc.)
  • That's an average of $120.39 a month
  • Or an average of $3.96 a day
  • Or an average of $2.60 an hour.  Much cheaper than therapy, huh?


Helen said...

what a great idea and interesting outcome. Have fun in 2011.

cityquilter said...

nice to see where the $$$ and time goes...i too kept track of my quilt related expenses and i've a smaller budget than yours, but i kept it under $400 for the entire year. easy since i had many UFOs to keep me busy

Jewells said...

I'd be too afraid to add up what I spend on my stash.. I did keep a notebook of what I spent for a whole week once and it certainly does kerb your spending!..(a bit like writing down what you eat, kerbs your eating)....cheers!

Lori said...

geek data bytes! What a chuckle. I have never kept track except I know it takes me at least 8 hours (loading to unloading) to quilt a big quilt on the long arm.