Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Fifty - Nifty 50 #1

Throughout my journey to turning 50 I want to share observations on every day events that make me giggle or make me contemplate getting older.

Nifty #50 #1
Last night I was having dinner with Mr. E and his daddy, DS #1. DS #1 was telling me about a conversation he had with DS #2 where they discussing Mr. E being a teenager and not knowing what a video store, like Blockbuster, is because such a place won't exist in 15 years.

That got me thinking, "What was around when I was a young parent that is no longer around?" Mmmmmm . . . I'll have to spend the day thinking about it . . . I'll get back to you.

Any ideas?

Sweet P


Libby said...

Oh so many things - telephones that were attached to the wall, 8-track and cassette tapes, just to name a few off the top of my head. Technology has changed in a dramatic way over the last 30 years!

cityquilter said...

bonnet hair dryers for one

paula, the quilter said...

Turntables and vinyl records, although I hear they are making a small comeback. Not only the wall phone, but party lines and pay phones.

Terri S said...

Before cell phones became commonplace, we carried pagers so the kids could page us if they needed us, or we could page them when they were out. Haven't seen a pager in more years than I can remember!!

karylsquilts said...

getting OFF the chair to change the TV channel. no CNN.Gas station guys to pump gas, clean windows, check the oil, everyttime !

water on the table at the cafe before you got the menu. ( I actually got charged $1 for glass of water one hot day this past summer)

Riding in the back of the truck sans seatbelts! oh my.

Shasta said...

pay phones, kernel popcorn that you have to cook in a pan. A lot of changes to food - I'm sure some of the ingredients for stuff that we buy packaged or precooked no longer comes in it's original form. tape recorders, disc cameras, curlers